Ninomiya-kun 04


I know what you guys are all thinking now…

Ah yes, Ninomiya-kun is the “cup noodle” anime of this season. Even though you know it’s cheap and probably bad for health in large amounts, but you really can’t stop loving that “cheap” flavor it has. This analogy probably works more for poor university students though…

It’s another day at the Ninomiya residence, and as usual, the elder siblings duo are forcing their younger siblings to bond. Reika obviously isn’t able to keep her temper and accidentally breaks a pot, earning her a “scolding” by Ninomiya-neesan. Oh man, I really almost came at this scene. Ninomiya-neesan is made of pure win!!!


Scold her more!

Well, later on, Reika sneaks up to a passed out Shungo, who’s having dream of his childhood where he played with a girl but he can’t remember her face nor her identity. He wakes up suddenly, surprising Reika, who is then surprised again with Ninomiya-neesan barging in and taking Shungo out for training with Mikihiko’s “friends”, who turn out to be parodies of various B-grade horror movie villains ^^;;;.

Left alone with Mayu at home, Reika continues her cleaning, and Mayu offers to help, but knowing her clumsiness, Reika prevents her. Still, in the end, Mayu changes in to a meido-fuku and “tries” to help, but we all know better, and Reika is left fuming mad.

While trying to clean up the mess in the kitchen, courtesy of Mayu’s cleanup attempts, Mayu discovers a secret door which opens up to a hidden labyrinth around the house. Mayu, being instinctively clumsy -AND- curious, falls in it and Reika is dragged along as well. As with all hidden corridors and mazes, traps are plenty abound, and Reika manages to avoid them… but Mayu triggers one with her boobs, when Reika manages to pass by the same spot fine. (Ah yes, boobs are awesome)


Notice the path of the triggering laser…

Well, long story short, they get chased around by various traps and finally safe, Mayu discovers yet another hidden room, this time containing many of the possessions of the Ninomiya siblings when they were young. Reika stumbles upon a picture of shota Shungo and memories start to flood her. Mayu interrupts her thoughts, mentioning that she remembered she loved a boy as well when she was young, but due to her sickness, she forgot most of the boy’s details except the fact that she loved him.

Proceeding on looking around the room, Mayu discovers a suspiciously sealed box and well, triggers another alarm when it accidentally breaks open. They get engulfed in an avalanche of things and fall down a trap door to the bathroom, where Ninomiya-neesan awaits. Angry with both of them, she grabs them both, citing punishment for both of them and commandeers a helicopter to bring them to the punishment site.


Meido Mayu’s not bad, although we know it’s a harbinger of great chores.

A much more entertaining episode than the last time, mostly because the episode flow was way better than the last one, being the main purpose of this episode is to cultivate a bit of socializing between Reika and Mayu and also to show some tidbits on Shungo, Reika and Mayu’s past as well as giving a reason for Mayu to put on meido-fuku, even though we all know she’s so gonna screw up. Sadly, art remains at the same level as before, but at least it wasn’t disjointed as the previous ones.

So next week, we’ll be having the customary beach episode and my excitement is a bit dampened because we’ve already seen their bikini looks and for Mayu, even the sukumizu look as well. Still, the producers of this show probably will throw in a few more tricks in and for good measure, I hope they’ll put in more of Reika getting *ahem ahem* by Ninomiya-neesan. Oh god Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice….*nosebleed*


  1. Xellos-_^ Said,

    October 26, 2007 @ 1:28 am

    Hot spring >>> beach

  2. TehShien Said,

    October 26, 2007 @ 2:08 am

    I lol’d when Mayu triggered the laz0r!
    …I really hope there will be an OVA release with moar fondling x3

  3. Owned4eva Said,

    October 26, 2007 @ 3:41 am

    Man this show and myself; Yourself just makes my day XD

    Loved the way mayu triggered the trap XD so orginal and LOL its like the first time in anime history someone sets an alarm off that way! And Kurogane i agree with you that Miyuki Sawashiro is pwnge

  4. Syaoran Li Said,

    October 27, 2007 @ 12:08 pm

    >>And Kurogane i agree with you that Miyuki Sawashiro is pwnge
    Me too… I can’t bored we she gets roles liek this here…. Mint-sama ^_^

    Good episode.

  5. geister Said,

    October 28, 2007 @ 5:23 pm

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre …
    Friday the 13th …

    3rd guy in white… is Kingpin? o_O

    Some dude better start making hot yuri doujin feat. Reika and Shungo’s sister for C73. :X

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