2 cents: The DarkMirage vs Nyoro~n case.

Ah yes, fansubber dorama. DarkMirage isn’t a newcomer to this, and I will say I agree with his post and most of its contents. In fact, I did download the .ass of Nyoro~n’s Gundam 00 01, and that itself already contained many hilarious mistakes, that even I, who don’t possess a shiny JLPT 1, noticed.

I’ve had the good fortune to have not touched any Gundam 00 speed subs ever since then, but meh, I guess this issue provided some pretty good insights on to the perspectives of the fansubbing scene. While I will admit that every one who has the motivation to produce a sub deserves respect, but it doesn’t mean that the subber is free from responsibility of admitting his mistakes, so I’m glad to see that the subber at Nyoro~n has acknowledged his mistakes although he initially defended himself. At the least this mistake didn’t almost trigger another war.

Oh, and Graham is definitely giving off a real homosexual vibe, even w/o the missubbing by Nyoro~n.

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