Snippets: Prism Ark 2, Rental Magica 2

Prism Ark 02

Prism Ark

Hyaweh is such an awesome playa. Man, the way he subdued Priecia definitely deserves respect, playing her around like that. He’s like Simon with +50 charisma points towards girls lol. Well, he definitely needs that level of skill to handle the Utawarerumono-grade harem he’s gonna collect.

Still, the whole show just kinda stinks lol. Definitely feels like they’re taking this show way too not seriously. I mean, all fanservice and some fights only, like lol? Not to mention that the supposed assasin, Bridget is… just so inept, lol.

The ED is like, totally fanservice lol. Halko Momoi’s vocals are as awesome as usual though, so I really can’t wait till the single is out :D.

Rental Magica

Rental Magica

Mmm, Honami is pretty cute too. <3 for Kana Ueda’s Osaka-ben. Still, Alici.. I mean Addie’s the hawtest. Mikako Takahashi does a pretty awesome ojou-sama voice.

However, I have to agree with tj_han’s statement of the main character “being a fag”, “OW MY EYE HURTS”, and all. Also, they really should’ve given some indication that they were jumping to the time before episode one happened. It’s kinda annoying to figure out the continuity.

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  1. Chaos2Frozen Said,

    October 16, 2007 @ 8:39 am

    Hyaweh got buffed from the game ^^; Not only is he given a cool new voice, but has an improved (power-up, not remade) personality as well. =D

    About the story… Well to be fair, like the game’s beginning, the story is alot more relaxed and fun, okay the anime went alitte overboard in the aspect but it’s roughly the same thing ^^; … It’s only towards the later part where the war hits them hard.

    The later part being what you saw in episode one.

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