Minagoroshi-hen: Higurashi Shoukougun

Yes! Despite some of the other stations cancelling the show, apparently Sun TV aired it, albeit with one minor edit to the OP sequence, which was the removal of a shot of Rena’s blood-stained cleaver. Not that noticeable anyways, unless you did a side by side comparison. No screencaps due to the fact I watched it on a less clearer source. Anyways, tons of spoilers in this episode.

From the last episode, it’s already revealed that the real perpertrator is none other than Takano Miyo, who is the leader of the Yamainu group. The episode starts with Oiishi-san talking to Rika about the discovery of Takano’s body, but the time of death does not match the time of her disappearance. Thus, Oiishi-san starts to throw suspicion the possibility that Takano is still alive.

Rika approaches Irie and a representative of the Yamainu with the news. The Yamainu tells them that the deaths will be investigated and Rika’s protection will be strengthened. Rika returns home worried, and the next day, decides to fake a fever to stay at home instead of school, where she receives a phone call from the Yamainu leader that Dr. Irie is the one that killed Tomitake and Takano. This arouses the suspicion of Rika, and she decides to call Oiishi-san that she’s receiving death threats and he offers her police protection.

A surprise comes in the form of the gang, visiting Rika. They overhear Rika’s conversation with Oiishi and demand to know what is happening. Rika decides to tell them, for the first time, about the Hinamizawa Syndrome, which affects all the residents in the area and triggered when the villagers leave the village or are put under tremendous emotional stress. Discovered during WWII, where soldiers from the village would go insane slowly after leaving the town and finally die from clawing out their own throat. The insanity is also divided in to multiple levels, where the patient’s level indicates the amount of psychosis suffered. She reveals that the Irie Clinic is a biochemical weapons research facility under a secret organization in Tokyo , specializing in the research of the Hinamizawa Syndrome as a potential bioweapon due to the fact that there is no known cure for it discovered, only treatments to suppress the syndrome up to Level 5 (Satoko’s level currently). Rika explains the Syndrome has been known since the old days, and the invention of the Oyashiro-sama Curse and the story of the Onigafuchi March was actually to explain the Syndrome.

But the group doesn’t understand why Rika is being targeted and Rika further explains that she, herself, acts as a neutralizer for the Syndrome. Apparently, the Furude family inherits a gene through their female offspring, that allows the production of a pheromone that suppresses the Syndrome in the people around them, which is why Rika is subconsciously revered by the villagers. So, when the pheromone source is cut off… the Syndrome will rear its ugly head and every villager carrying the Syndrome will go in to a psychotic rage. Therefore, the real trigger for the disease is to leave Rika’s side… or the death of Rika herself, as she is the last remaining person in the village with the pheromone.

In the Irie Clinic, Dr. Irie realizes that the research center will be closed and he hopes to research the cure before it is closed. But a surprising news comes with orders from the supposedly dead Takano…

At Rika house, Rika is surprised to see that everyone believes in her and they now know that Takano is the main antagonist behind the curtains. Happy with their trust and their willingness to be with her, she makes tea and tells them that she’s relieved to see them be with her. Meanwhile, Oiishi-san decides to head over to Rika’s house, but on the way, he notices a suspicious person opening the lock to the telephone exchange. He goes down to investigate with Kuma-san, but both of them are killed by headshots from a sniper…

Wow… a really good episode. Thank god for the other television stations who decided against canceling the airing this week. HiguKai remains one of the best shows of this summer and I love how nicely it is being treated compared to what the first season was. This episode finally answers a lot of questions, mostly regarding the true nature of the Oyashiro-sama’s “curse” and the real reason why Rika is constantly killed in all her loops. Comes as a real shocker, really, as the virus angle was explored in the last Answer arc of the first season, but yet, the Syndrome is still shrouded in much mystery.

Well, let’s hope for more answers the next episode.


  1. Syaoran Li Said,

    September 25, 2007 @ 9:18 am

    Well, finally some sanity over here. Then we still have hope with School Days

  2. Raptor2023 Said,

    September 26, 2007 @ 1:11 am

    Mmmmm, Rika’s pheromones….

  3. sadakups Said,

    September 26, 2007 @ 9:25 pm

    Yeah… Rika’s pheromones can make you go “ni-pah”… ^_^

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