Sorry for the Downtime – Blog Moved & Other Fun

Miko Kagami & Tsukasa

Sorry for all the downtime, it’s been one hectic day. It started with problems of our overloading our server and I began the process of moving THAT Animeblog over to a different server to alleviate this. (It using the most CPU of any of the sites.) After that things didn’t get better and our hosting provider disabled Kurogane’s blog and Novastorm’s blog to try to keep the server stable. As anyone trying to reach yesterday can tell you, it didn’t work…. or maybe it would have if there hadn’t been a Denial of Service attack going on against our provider at the same time. Once they finally realized there was a DoS involved and took care of that things seemed to stabilize quickly. I decided not to wait to hear back from them about re-enabling Kurogane’s and Novastorm’s blogs and went ahead to work on moving them as well to help keep the load from getting out of hand yet again. Unfortunately for that the first choice (some space donated by aTo from the IRC channel) just wasn’t working, cPanel is being insistent that the entire domain be pointed to its DNS servers and I can’t do that without taking down a good 300 sites. So… now Kurogane and Novastorm are on the same server with THAT Animeblog, which will probably have to be upgraded in short order to handle the extra load.

So yeah, an unplanned and unscheduled move along with a DoS attack and it’s not been a very fun day, stressful comes to mind. Now to finish up getting Novastorm moved so I can get some sleep (24+ hours now).



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