Minagoroshi-hen: Taiketsu


“Save Satoko” mini-arc continues with Keiichi attending the village Watanagashi preparation meeting, where he finds out that the villagers are unwilling to cooperate with his efforts to save Satoko as they still perceive the Houjou family as “cursed”, even though no one hates them already. Spurred by this, Keiichi disrupts the meeting and manages to persuade the villagers and Kimiyoshi, the village chief, to join in their efforts, but one obstacle still stands in their way, the Sonozaki family.

Keiichi and gang then confront Sonozaki Oryou, and after a round of intense negotiation, Keiichi manages to get Oryou to support their efforts to save Satoko. With that said, the villagers start to campaign outside the Child Services office to help Satoko, but however, the Chief decides ignore the situation. As the battle starts to seem to become a long one, the intervention of the Sonozaki family manages to overturn it and the Chief finally appears to help Satoko, who is getting abused more and more by the day by her uncle.

Well, looks like the “Save Satoko” arc is coming to a conclusion. Many interesting things appeared this episode, with Sonozaki Akane, Mion and Shion’s mom, getting a nice share of airtime, as well as the first introduction of her husband and Mion & Shion’s father. The Sonozaki family definitely has some really strong political clout as well, as they really helped speeding up the process and even brought in a bigshot as well.

This week’s yokoku is worth a mention too, as it’s pretty funny with the narration about Hanyuu getting a postcard from a viewer concerning Rika’s age, due to her claim of living for over a hundred years already,.

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