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Saimoe Main Tournament Group Stage Day 45

Today’s results:

Group G

1位 1156票 エルルゥ@うたわれるもの [ Eruruu @ Utawarerumono ]
2位 1117票 月宮あゆ@Kanon [ Tsukimiya Ayu@Kanon ]
3位 255票 坂井千草@灼眼のシャナ [ Sakai Chigusa @ Shakugan no Shana ]

Group H

1位 1790票 水銀燈@ローゼンメイデン オーベルテューレ [ Suigintou @ Rozen Maiden Ouverture ]
2位 1624票 フェイト・T・ハラオウン@魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS [ Fate T. Harlaown@Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS ]
3位 305票 北条沙都子@ひぐらしのなく頃に[ Houjou Satoko @ Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ]

Suigintou wins, by the largest vote count of Saimoe 2007 yet. Surprisingly, Ayu lost as well. Oh wow.

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P.S. I heard that in Korean Saimoe, Shana(1010) won Nanoha(1009) by one vote. LOL AWESOME.

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Gurren Lagaan

Wow. Gainax broke their own records again. Battle of mechas of galactic proportions, although I must say, it is really weird to see them throwing galaxies around like frisbees.

But really, I must admire Gainax for choosing a “True End” style ending for Gurren Lagaan rather than a “Good End” for it. While the final battle between the two mechas was totally hyperboled and massively overdone, seeing Simon deliver the final blow with only Lagaan really puts in spiral principle in context of the show.

Then, it was truly sad to see Nia fading away after marrying Simon, but it was a totally good decision by Gainax. I honestly didn’t expect them to do so, but this makes the second Gainax character voiced by Yukari Fukui die. Wonder if it’s intentional or not, lol. Also, it was good for Simon to retire out of politics and go off on his own, as that really fits him more than becoming a figurehead president. While he may have the 熱血, politics really wouldn’t be his forte, so which is why I say that Gainax is awesome for doing the more logical “True End” than just another generic “Good End”.

All in all, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan has been a real fun ride, even if it started off on a less than absorbing manner. Being one of Gainax’s real, full season show in years, they’ve done admirably well with it, with a well-executed twist and really awesome, manly tears inducing scenes included. It was also good to see that Gainax has found a nice balance in their way of doing endings, between their “WTF Gainax ending?!” and normal, generic endings as well.

So long, Simon and the Gurren Brigade members. It has been an enjoyable show.

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Happy Birthday Aurabolt!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 19th birthday aura-berry!!! May you have another happy year and more birthdays to come!!!

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Oh, just wow. I must say this was done pretty nicely. My early expectations for the ED was rather uncertain, since it was nicely named “Dango Daikazoku”, but they’ve done a very nice job on it. At the end of it, I even had some tears welling up in my eyes.

A discourse by two random occupants of #animeblogger nicely puts it in context:

<meganeshounen> How can a song about dangos be so touching? ^_^;
<totali> how can a song about dangos NOT be so touching?

Also, managed to watch a higher-res version of the CLANNAD OP, and I must say…. seems to be tons of spoilers thrown in there by KyoAni.

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Megami 90 & Comp H 06

Megami Magazine

Megami 90

Comp H

Comp H 06

(More nicer pics of the posters can be found on HD’s coverage of Megami 90 and Comp H 06 respectively)

Whee, more offerings for the otakus this month. Comp H is slowly growing in to another magazine that I must buy each month (bye bye money T_T). My picks this month:

  • Comp H’s Hanyuu and Rika
  • Comp H’s nekomimi Louise
  • Moar Kagamin goodness from both mags
  • Megami’s nekomimi San-sama
  • Megami’s Onegai Twins poster (who is that silver-haired girl, really!)

Well, till next month then. With the Fall shows in full swing, we should expect even more variety from both mags.

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Looks pretty slick.

I’ll be really anticipating on how KyoAni will perform with CLANNAD.

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Outrageous yet would probably be popular merchandise: Makoto dakimakura

School Days

Click for full version.

Sourced from a random image board.

The picture just explains itself.

So, my readers, would you buy this if it actually got released?

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Saimoe Main Tournament Group Stage Day 44

Today’s results:

Group E

1位 830票 西沢歩@ハヤテのごとく![ Nishizawa Ayumu @ Hayate no Gotoku! ]
2位 767票 ティアナ・ランスター@魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS [ Teana Lanster @ Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS ]
3位 161票 時雨亜沙@SHUFFLE! MEMORIES [ Shigure Asa @ SHUFFLE! MEMORIES ]

Group F

1位 1048票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた [ Hiiragi Tsukasa @ Lucky Star ]
2位 415票 藍華・S・グランチェスタ@ARIA The NATURAL [ Aika S. Granzchesta @ ARIA The NATURAL ]
3位 287票 芙蓉楓@SHUFFLE! MEMORIES [ Fuyou Kaede @ SHUFFLE! MEMORIES ]

まああ~~ Kaede didn’t manage to win as expected, but at the least, I’m happy she got more votes that Asa.

Next Round:- ▼

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Saimoe Main Tournament Group Stage Day 43

Today’s results:-

Group E

1位 675票 涼水玉青@ストロベリー・パニック [ Suzumi Tamao @ Strawberry Panic ]
2位 575票 アンリエッタ王女@ゼロの使い魔 [ Queen Henrietta @ Zero no Tsukaima ]
3位 445票 貴嶋サキ@ハヤテのごとく! [ Kijima Saki @ Hayate no Gotoku! ]

Group F

1位 982票 瀬戸燦@瀬戸の花嫁 [ Seto San @ Seto no Hanayome ]
2位 706票 蒼星石@ローゼンメイデン オーベルテューレ [ Souseiseki @ Rozen Maiden Ouverture ]
3位 318票 高良みゆき@らき☆すた [ Takara Miyuki @ Lucky Star ]

Wow, looks like my fears were unfounded. The SetoHana faction performed admirably.

Next Round:- ▼

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Axe-tan, Axe-kun, and now, Knife-san

Via Mainichi News:

CHIBA — A junior high school boy has been arrested for stabbing a high school boy after burgling the victim’s home, police said.

The 14-year-old, third-year junior high school student, stands accused of attempted murder and violating the Firearms and Swords Control Law. He admitted during questioning that he had murderous intent.

“He spotted me sneaking into his house, so I thought I had to kill him so I wouldn’t get found out,” he was quoted as telling investigators.

The boy stabbed the 17-year-old victim in the head and back with a kitchen knife on the premises of an auto repair garage in Wakaba-ku, Chiba, at about 3:50 p.m. on Thursday, local police said. The suspect and victim were acquainted with each other. (Mainichi)

Oh wow, this recent spate of deadly teenage crime is really getting out of hand. Is it merely coincidences or a sign of things to come in Japan? Let’s hope for the best.

P.S. I just noticed that in the three cases up to now, the perpetrators are getting younger and younger. Axe-tan was 16, Axe-kun was 15 and now, Knife-san is 14. I reeeeaaaaaalllllly hope I don’t see a seventh or eighth case was the same pattern. 6 year olds running around with sharp objects are not funny.

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