Minagoroshi-hen: Koushou


Continuing to try to save Satoko, Keiichi ropes in the whole school to go and complain to Child Welfare, yet their efforts are still wasted. Not giving up hope yet, Keiichi decides to rope in more people and manages to get the help of the baseball player who appeared earlier to gather more people to go with them to appeal to Child Welfare and even Irie, Takano and Tomitake join in as well, and the account of their inability to help Rika when she asked for their help. Keiichi is approached by Ooishi, who tells him that part of the reason that Child Welfare isn’t taking any action is on the account of the Sonozaki clan power, as they do not want to make enemies with them. Despite that, Keiichi still keeps his resolve.

The next day, Satoko unexpectedly returns to school, after knowing the fuss that they’ve caused. She tells them she had a fever, but no one believes it and tries to persuade her to take their help. Satoko declines and falls in to a panic attack, only settled down by bringing her to Irie’s clinic for her shots. Rika tells Keiichi that Satoko’s illness is a form of extreme paranoia, where she will see delusions that trigger panic attacks. Asking why isn’t Satoko being treated in a hospital, Rika tells that it’s because Satoko’s uncle threatened to burn Satoshi’s room, if she ever ran away, which is why she also doesn’t want to admit that she’s being abused by her uncle.

Later that day, Keiichi and his gathered friends go to the Child Welfare offices to appeal to them to take action. Keiichi, Irie and Rika are chosen to be their representatives to talk. Rika comes to a realization that even though so much people are gathered around, if she doesn’t take any action, a miracle will not occur and realizes the only way for her to save Satoko is to persuade her to admit that she’s being abused. Standing up, she declares that she persuade Satoko to admit her being abused, putting in her own hopes for this world as well.


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  1. Reppu Kiri Said,

    September 2, 2007 @ 8:51 am

    Somehow i can think that it might not going well… but hey. This is Higurashi. nothing goes well.

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