Yakusamashi-hen: Muryoku


The sh*t hasn’t hit the fan yet so this episode is still in the “light-hearted” feel, but this time the main focus is on Rika and her growing despair about the events that will be taking place, and the episode title demonstrates that. Her growing despair and feelings of powerlessness have reached to such levels that she actually shows off “Kuro Rika” to Satoko.

I can only barely imagine what it feels to get stuck in a loop which ends with you getting killed every time. The more I think about how many loops have possibly happened, the more I symphatise with Rika and admire her strength for still managing to keep up her happy facade.

The bleak things aside, this episode still has enough laughs to entertain, and Keiichi was pretty awesome during the baseball game with his way of, ahem, persuading the opponent’s star pitcher to give up the game to them. Of course, who can forget his dramatic entrance with the golf club. I’m pretty sure if Keiichi loses his baseball bat in a fight, he’ll somehow pull out a golf club out of nowhere and continue.

Also, Rena’s omochikaeri :D~~~~~~~.


Hauu~~ omochikaeri!!!


  1. korosora Said,

    July 20, 2007 @ 3:47 pm

    Honestly… the only part of Higurashi that I liked was when it went batsh*t crazy…

    Rika stabbing herself in the head over and over while Mion laughs maniacally was THE BEST moment for me.

  2. Shiro Said,

    July 20, 2007 @ 10:11 pm

    –>Rika stabbing herself in the head over and over while Mion laughs maniacally was THE BEST moment for me.

    That was Shion apparently, but oh well, both the twins have the same potential

    wonder if the killing will start next episode… all those bloodshed and mysteries are lifeline of the series

    hanyuu also almost get to make an appearance this time

  3. Tess Said,

    July 21, 2007 @ 2:36 am

    korosora: The point of Higrashi shouldn’t be how crazy and murderous it gets. It’s the characters, the mystery, and the overall story.

    Shiro: Shion and Mion do NOT have the same potential. Mion is known to be the most normal character of the group.

    We are also at a point in the story where slowly all the characters are evolving, and killing within the group of friends should be less likely. The mystery was the first half, we’re moving on to the answers.

    Also it’ll take a bit longer this time because only 3 arcs are being covered, thus I’m guessing Yakusamashi-hen could range from 6-8 episodes long. So “bloodshed” may appear in the episode following the next.

    HOWEVER. On to my opinion of the episode. It was great, I’m so happy and proud of DEEN for taking a turn for the better. I never cared much for Rika, just thought she was cute, and was always annoyed with Satoko. But in just one episode all that changed, and I finally like the both of them. Finally they’re doing things right. I wish they did this back from the start, they’d cover everyone’s important arcs more accurately. I need more Mion!

  4. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    July 22, 2007 @ 2:26 pm

    You know, I’ve been on a Higurashi rewatch, and there are many parts where I now realize that Rika has been trying to influence to make it better, only that we didn’t know.

    For instance, the part in Meakashi-hen where she attacked Shion was most likely due to the fact she realized that it Shion had changed places with Mion and she was trying to disable Shion before she could do anymore damage.

    Himatsubushi-hen also offered the best glimpse in to Rika’s despair as well, and makes me wonder if she’s only looping the month of June 1983 or her whole life rather.

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