Nanoha StrikerS Soundstage II : Episode 14.5

StrikerS Soundstage II

While the show is going more and more to the dumps, the 2nd Soundstage is released and it seems they’ve fit in the character development parts in it instead of the show. Contrary to the cover image, the focus is actually more on Fate, Elio and Kyaro, as they face, well, family problems :P. But hot damn, Vivio is moe! Moe! Still it kinda scares me whenever I realise her seiyuu is the same one who voiced Yuuno. Plus… she truly looks like a clone of Alisa :P.

Track by track summary after the jump. There’s not really much interesting things as the last Soundstage was, but it does have much character development.

  • Track 1: Introduction. Fate does a little intro about Vivio. Dear god she’s so moe I’m dying!!
  • Track 2: Focus on Alto and Lucino, two of the Kidou Rokka bridge bunnies. They discuss various things from their platoon to the family situations of their leaders. They also do random girl gossip. Looks like Vice is -NOT- a very ideal person to reveal embarrasing secrets too.
  • Track 3: Yagami-tachi visit the Church. The rookies also go out on a mission, mentioning that Nanoha and Vivio are having lunch together.
  • Track 4: Nanoha and Vivio having lunch. Many cute sounds. I almost died. Vivio tastes caramel milk for the first time.

    “Nanoha-mama isn’t my real mama, but I like you more than my real mama.” This line launches into a heartwarming conversation on how Vivio wishes that Nanoha was her real mama.

  • Track 5: Nanoha image song. A nice, slow and relaxing song fitting in with the song title, “Anata no Egao ni” (“Your Smile”).
  • Track 6: Focus changes to the Church. They enjoy the garden while discussing various things. Signum and Hayate leave to see to some things. Nanpa-otoko and Sister Carim hold a serious discussion on Hayate, citing back the Yami no Sho incident. After a while, Carim reproaches him for not taking his job seriously. Looks like Scharch and Nanpa-otoko have a long history back ^^. Damn, Daisuke Ono really is the master of the smooth talk.
  • Track 7: Focus to Fate and the Lightning duo. They’ve just completed their work for the day and since it’s already sunset, Fate brings them to eat dinner. Both of them seem to like egg dishes. Fate worries about her not paying attention to the both of them, but Elio and Kyaro reassure her that they’re both fine. Suddenly, an emergency happens, Gadget drones appearing suddenly. Fate decides to handle the emergency with them both. Fried goes full form, probably because they don’t have to animate it. Elio performs a combo with Kyaro which surprises even Fate.
  • Track 8: Meanwhile, Lutecia and one of the Numbers spy on Fate and the Lightning rookies in action.
  • Track 9: In the aftermath of the attack, Kyaro shares candy with Fate and Elio.
  • Track 10: Chrono appears! He’s so wasted in the series. Chrono and Acous talks about the Vivio being adopted by Nanoha. He comments about how complicated it is, especially with Vivio being an artificial being.
  • Track 11: Erio and Kyaro relaxing together. Bonding moment. They thank Fate for saving them and bringing them together, giving them their current lives. Seeing Fate being very busy lately, both of them absolve to be stronger so that they won’t drag her down.
  • Track 12: Kyaro image song.
  • Track 13: Subaru and Tiana bump in to the crying Elio and Kyaro. Tiana and Subaru think of ways to help them, and they decide to consult Arf. Meanwhile, Fate and Shirley and travelling back and Shirley notices Fate worrying and asks her about it. Fate is also worrying about Elio and Kyaro and Shirley then advises Fate to ask the “expert”, Lindy.
  • Track 14: Nanoha tucking Vivio in to bed. Vivio can’t sleep so Nanoha plays with her for a while. Vivio asks Nanoha to tell her about herself and Feito-mama, so Nanoha tells Vivio about their past.
  • Track 15: Fate and Lindy are in the middle of their conversation, Fate tells about how she’s worried that she’s not doing a good job as a mother. Lindy reassures her that it’s all fine.
  • Track 16: Focus shifts to Arf, who’s talking to Elio and Kyaro. She kinda reproaches them for worrying too much.
  • Track 17: Arf and Lindy both end their calls and bump in to each other, correctly guessing who’s been calling each other, commenting on how they’re too worrying.
  • Track 18: Fate, Nanoha, Elio and Kyaro bump in to each other in front of Nanoha & Fate’s room. Nanoha offers the room for Fate to talk to Elio and Kyaro, while she and Vivio move to another place. Looks like the whole Kidou Rokka tries to eavesdrop on them talk, but Vita shooes them off.

    Fate, Elio and Kyaro finally have a heart to heart talk. They each reveals their own worries and finally laugh at each other, reaching an understanding. Fate leaves to make caramel milk for them and reflects back on how she might have worried her guardians before.

  • Track 19: Fate image song. Nana Mizuki vocal <3.
  • Track 20: Vita returns home to Hayate and the other and comment about how Tiana and Subaru were busybodies. Hayate and the knights were in the middle of analysing the data concerning the Lutecia and the numbers, along with Agito, whom they comment didn’t unison with Lutecia, meaning that there’s a partner of which Agito is affliated with.
  • Track 21: Preview for the next Soundstage, which will be focused on Rein and Unison devices. The next Soundstage will be episode 18.5.

P.S. Awesome illustration for the CD.

StrikerS Soundstage II


  1. Zeroblade Said,

    July 18, 2007 @ 12:11 am

    Huh, I personally thought the show was getting better. I have got to listen to sound stage 2 though – looks interesting. At the very least, filled with moe.

  2. deftoned Said,

    July 18, 2007 @ 12:11 am

    I’m probably among the few who think StrikerS has gotten better as its gone along, especially since 7 or 8. Episode 16 kicked some major ass. I enjoyed the Fate and Nanaoha vocal tracks, but didn’t really feel the Caro one. But then again, I haven’t actually enjoyed a Takahashi Mikako song since the Hand Maid May ED–love her voice, but not really her singing voice.

  3. Ivy Said,

    July 18, 2007 @ 3:45 am

    I’ll have to agree with Zero and Deft StrikersS has definitely gotten better around episode 8 and 9. After that its just been really entertaining, the art although not stellar is OK plus I see major potential. Episode 16 seems very promising so I have my hopes up and I’m sure it’ll deliver!

  4. Syaoran Li Said,

    July 18, 2007 @ 12:23 pm

    Well, we don’t know what will happen from now on in StrikerS, but I know one thing; I want to know more about Vivio and her relationship with Nanoha and Fate.

  5. Endz Said,

    July 19, 2007 @ 11:57 am

    wait.. Wasnt Fate artificially made, too? So why the fuzz about Vivio being artificially made? o_O. That part got me confused :o

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