My Summer ’07 List

Time passes really fast and in a week or so, the summer season will be upon us. As usual, the summer season is rather slow, with only 20 something shows premiering compared to Spring’s deluge.

Shows That I Will Watch Even If It Kills Me:

  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
    The first season was obviously incomplete, and not to mention it suffered great raping from DEEN. Still it was a pretty shocking show and definitely caught my interest for it. This season should offer us the final answer arcs and also the appearance of the great “Auauauauauauauauauauauauauauauaua~~~~~~~”, done by Hocchan of course.
  • Moetan
    I learned Japanese in exactly the way Moetan teaches English, that is by remembering certain memorable lines from anime, adding them in to my vocabulary, which makes it worth watching on how the Japanese would do so in a vice-versa way. I’ve already heard the Audio CD’s of Moetan, and safe to say, they give me great hope for the anime to incite a whole lot of laughs. Plus, Yukarin in another mahou shoujo role, which she really should stay away from already, partnering with the ever awesome Yuji Ueda.
  • Nanatsuiro Drops
    Itou Noiji’s art drew me in to this. No other real reason really. Well, the storyline sounds pretty okay as well too.
  • Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi
    Saito is one of the GAR’est male characters in recent times. That’s already worth watching. Add in Kugimin’s tsundere Louise and there you have winning combination for otakus. The second season also introduces Louise’s older sisters, which are both incredibly hot of course, one which is voiced by the evergreen Onee-san.

Interesting New Shows:

  • Baccano
    The trailer had me intrigued and the 1930’s American setting seems pretty interesting enough.
  • Code E
    DEEN’s offering for Summer. Apparently some of Simoun’s staff are working on it so it’s worth a shot. Not to sure about the actual plot yet, but who cares anyways. Main lead’s seiyuu seems to be a newcomer and Momoi is in it as well.
  • Doujin Work
    Azumanga Daioh meets Genshiken? I’m sold.
  • Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei
    Read up on the manga and it’s freaking hillarious, poking fun of what’s supposed to be tragic and bleak stuff. Morbid humor in spades so it would either be absolutely awesome to some or fall flat to others, IMHO.
  • School Days
    Oh god, who can forget the School Days Bad Ends. With one ending with dismemberment, one with suicide via hanging and one more ending with a building jump-off, School Days is not a title one can forget easily. While its fans are hoping for the bad ends, odds are it will turn out to be another sappy romance drama series anyways. Still.. there is a chance… right?

Worth A Look First:

  • Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho
    So I hear this show has a girl who likes to swim nude…..
  • Mushiuta
    Plot reminds me a bit of Mushishi. Hope it’s not cheesy though. A good list of seiyuus in it by the way.
  • Shigurui
    Sounds like serious samurai period drama. Might get hooked to it the same way I did to Saiunkoku.
  • Tetsuko no Tabi
    Read a plot summary of it and it sounds freaking hillarious. Jaded manga-ka gets forced to travel alongside a train otaku and decides to chronicle their adventure in manga form.
  • Zombie-Loan
    Based on a PEACH-PIT manga, the plot sounds pretty lame but the seiyuu cast list isn’t so it’s worth giving a shot.

Some sources to thank:
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  1. sagematt Said,

    June 25, 2007 @ 9:43 pm

    The ones I’m definitely watching are Higurashi Kai (which I’ll be blogging even), Zero no Tsukaima FnK and Doujin Work. Sure, some other shows look seem interesting, and I might give them a try.

  2. Avisch Said,

    June 25, 2007 @ 9:46 pm

    I’m watching almost all on your first list (I might check Natsuiro drops later though). I’m also gonna watch School Days.

    Baccano looks interesting but I’m worried it might become cliched with alchemy in it’s plot.

  3. Asrialys Said,

    June 25, 2007 @ 11:15 pm

    Were those the bad endings for School Days? I thought Makoto died when Sekai stabbed him, Sekai dies when Kotonoha slashes her, and Kotonoha dies from jumping off a building head-first.

    Mind if I post the ones I found?

    Stabbing: and (optional; took a while to actually die)

  4. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    June 25, 2007 @ 11:21 pm

    Oh, must’ve remembered wrongly. Was writing the post based on memory. Thanks for the links, need to jog my memory a bit.

  5. Kinny Riddle Said,

    June 26, 2007 @ 1:47 am

    While I watch neither Higurashi nor ever played School Days, I’ve heard enough about them to be able to make a humble opinion concerning how to kill off School Day’s notoriously pathetic protagonist Makoto, whose reputation is so infamous that I am able to sense it from the seething SD fans without even reading his goddamn character profile, LOL.

    Just simply apply that time-loop or whatchamacallit thingy in Higurashi on the world of School Days, and hopefully we’ll get to enjoy seeing that bastard Makoto die in many spectacular ways.

    By the end of each episode, there’ll probably be a girl or two on cue to say: “Oh my god! They killed Makoto!” “YOU BASTARD!” And by next episode, the wimp gets resurrected to die once again, for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

  6. Likkun Said,

    June 26, 2007 @ 2:24 am

    I’m still upset about the anime original arc for HiguKai along with the two remaining answer arcs. I was hoping they would have picked one of the extra arcs instead of doing an original. But I have to watch it nonetheless to see how they pull off the ending.

  7. lanie-emon Said,

    June 26, 2007 @ 7:54 am

    Will be waiting eagerly for Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi.

  8. Mirrinus Said,

    June 26, 2007 @ 11:54 am

    >> Just simply apply that time-loop or whatchamacallit thingy in Higurashi on the world of School Days, and hopefully we’ll get to enjoy seeing that bastard Makoto die in many spectacular ways.

    Best idea ever. Would definitely watch.

  9. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    June 26, 2007 @ 12:03 pm

    Shit, Kinny. That’s such a fucking evil and cruel idea I couldn’t help but laugh maniacally to that…. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  10. Shiro Said,

    June 27, 2007 @ 4:21 am

    I wonder if they would actually do that… but it would be a first to have anime based of galgame to have such endings put in. but makoto really deserves to die. send his name to jigoku tsuushin and get rid of him

    I’ll watch Higurashi even if the world end is coming. I don’t care as long as I get to watch the last 2 answering arcs.
    Also will be keeping an eye for tsukaima. more tsundere louise coming up

  11. Heterochromia » Random rantings, and why I am changing my opinion about the summer season already Said,

    June 28, 2007 @ 4:41 am

    […] the summer preview: I’ve always liked to read other people’s summer previews. (Sorry if I missed yours in this little list.) I […]

  12. Ivan Said,

    June 28, 2007 @ 10:02 pm

    Those shows are going to rock, anime is just great and those shows are going to make it even better. Anime all the way.

  13. Diego Said,

    June 30, 2007 @ 3:46 pm

    >>While its fans are hoping for the bad ends, odds are it will turn out to be another sappy romance drama series anyways. Still.. there is a chance… right?

    I’ve got this one down as a must-see, but if they leave out the juicy (read: bloody, gory) bits we may all be in for one very long yawn-fest.

    Good choices, overall; quite close to my own, actually (as far as the first two categories go) with the exception of Nanatsuiro Drops. And I agree with you on this season being rather slow – nothing on the programme schedule really stands out. Let’s just hope there’s a hit in there somewhere.

  14. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    June 30, 2007 @ 3:57 pm

    Hm, well, I meant the season being slow in the context of the amount of shows being offered, not really in the quality of the shows starting.

    Higu Kai is definitely worth a watch, while NanaDrops and Moetan pretty much provides the moe offering of the season and ZnT:FnK is going to rock if they follow the novel events.

    The rest of the stuff sound pretty interesting, especially Baccano and Doujin Work, both which I think have the potential of becoming sleeper hits.

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