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Megami 87

Megami Magazine

Fuck I died at the Rein and Kagami x Konata huge spreads. Rest of the posters look pretty awesome as well. Excuse me while I go order my 2 copies.

I wonder how much would it cost to laminate the Konata x Kagamin poster…

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sola 13: sora


Sayonara… Matsuri.

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My Summer ’07 List

Time passes really fast and in a week or so, the summer season will be upon us. As usual, the summer season is rather slow, with only 20 something shows premiering compared to Spring’s deluge.

Shows That I Will Watch Even If It Kills Me:

  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
    The first season was obviously incomplete, and not to mention it suffered great raping from DEEN. Still it was a pretty shocking show and definitely caught my interest for it. This season should offer us the final answer arcs and also the appearance of the great “Auauauauauauauauauauauauauauauaua~~~~~~~”, done by Hocchan of course.
  • Moetan
    I learned Japanese in exactly the way Moetan teaches English, that is by remembering certain memorable lines from anime, adding them in to my vocabulary, which makes it worth watching on how the Japanese would do so in a vice-versa way. I’ve already heard the Audio CD’s of Moetan, and safe to say, they give me great hope for the anime to incite a whole lot of laughs. Plus, Yukarin in another mahou shoujo role, which she really should stay away from already, partnering with the ever awesome Yuji Ueda.
  • Nanatsuiro Drops
    Itou Noiji’s art drew me in to this. No other real reason really. Well, the storyline sounds pretty okay as well too.
  • Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi
    Saito is one of the GAR’est male characters in recent times. That’s already worth watching. Add in Kugimin’s tsundere Louise and there you have winning combination for otakus. The second season also introduces Louise’s older sisters, which are both incredibly hot of course, one which is voiced by the evergreen Onee-san.

Interesting New Shows:

  • Baccano
    The trailer had me intrigued and the 1930’s American setting seems pretty interesting enough.
  • Code E
    DEEN’s offering for Summer. Apparently some of Simoun’s staff are working on it so it’s worth a shot. Not to sure about the actual plot yet, but who cares anyways. Main lead’s seiyuu seems to be a newcomer and Momoi is in it as well.
  • Doujin Work
    Azumanga Daioh meets Genshiken? I’m sold.
  • Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei
    Read up on the manga and it’s freaking hillarious, poking fun of what’s supposed to be tragic and bleak stuff. Morbid humor in spades so it would either be absolutely awesome to some or fall flat to others, IMHO.
  • School Days
    Oh god, who can forget the School Days Bad Ends. With one ending with dismemberment, one with suicide via hanging and one more ending with a building jump-off, School Days is not a title one can forget easily. While its fans are hoping for the bad ends, odds are it will turn out to be another sappy romance drama series anyways. Still.. there is a chance… right?

Worth A Look First:

  • Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho
    So I hear this show has a girl who likes to swim nude…..
  • Mushiuta
    Plot reminds me a bit of Mushishi. Hope it’s not cheesy though. A good list of seiyuus in it by the way.
  • Shigurui
    Sounds like serious samurai period drama. Might get hooked to it the same way I did to Saiunkoku.
  • Tetsuko no Tabi
    Read a plot summary of it and it sounds freaking hillarious. Jaded manga-ka gets forced to travel alongside a train otaku and decides to chronicle their adventure in manga form.
  • Zombie-Loan
    Based on a PEACH-PIT manga, the plot sounds pretty lame but the seiyuu cast list isn’t so it’s worth giving a shot.

Some sources to thank:
Hop Step Jump
Fansub Wiki

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Lucky Star 12: Let’s go to the Festival(Comiket)

Lucky Star

Why… oh why is has to be a Sousuke X Gauron doujin?!!

Yes, the festival in question is Comiket. It’s the end of the year, and the biggest event before the new year is of course, Winter Comiket XD. God I must go to at least one before I die.

  • <3 Kagamin for stopping Konata from taking Miyuki along to the “festival”. Rarely seeing Kagamin being so physical.
  • Poor Tsukasa… totally no idea what Comiket is…
  • Gotta love the oh-so-totally accurate impression of Comiket by KyoAni. Konata is seriously a pro at Comiket. Not only she has an route planned out, she also has “supplies” ready for the poor twins.
  • Kagamin buying doujinshi… aww…. <3. Also… DAMN YOU KYOANI!! DAMN YOU!!! I died once at the Gauron x Sousuke doujin. OF ALL THE FUCKING POSSIBLE PAIRINGS IN FMP… ARGHHHH!!!! Sousuke x Kurz would’ve been at least better!
  • Akira’s supposed appearance in the main episode…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • Minori Chihara cameo 4TW.
  • SHOWDOWN OF GAR! TOMOKAZU “Sousuke” SEKI VS TOMOKAZU “Kyon-kun” SUGITA !!!! HOLY SHIET!!!!111oneoneone
  • Moar Miko-Miko Kagamin and also Tsukasa as well!! Although so totally the wrong time in real life. And Izumi-chichi is LOL for coming to see the mikomiko twins~~.
  • Konata: “Kagami is kinda cute, isn’t she?” <– SECONDED!!
  • Poor Konata for getting the worst luck omikuji. Even her attempts to dispel the omikuji were failed. But she’s really quick to recover, XD.
  • Konata: (dark expression) I wonder how many visitors, like my father, come here to see the mikos?
    Kagamin: -_-;;; None…. probably… OTL.
  • Poor Kuroi-sensei… in game 24/7 XD.

This week’s Lucky Channel is fucking legendary. Probably one of the best ones of the series hahahahahhaa. Akira-sama, get well soon! Shiraishi does a pretty good impersonation of her lol.

Ending song this week is Makenaide by ZARD sung by Konata. While I’m not a fan of her, but she has done quite a number of good songs and I give my condolences to her as well.

Lucky Star

Dere-dere Miko Kagamin for good measure.

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sola 12: Showdown


It’s official. sola is the best show this season.

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Epic fail, my dear local TV station.

Haruhi Suzumiya

First it was ADV failing, and now it’s my local TV station. Why can’t they spell the “Haruhi” in the “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” correctly? It’s like the easiest word to not screw up in the whole line apart from “the” and “of”. Sigh…

And for my fellow Malaysians, yes, Haruhi is coming to TV near you. Tune in to ntv7 at 12:15am tonight. I still wonder if they will be following the broadcast order or the chronological order.

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Lucky Star 11: Various ways to spend Christmas Eve.

Lucky Star

Oh dear. Santa Konata and Miko-Miko Kagamin! I APPROVE!!! Finally get to see her in miko-fuku. We really need more miko’s around.

Pretty much another awesome episode with many laughs. But the best part for me this episode has gotta be Tsukasa and Miyuki duet of Doraemon no Uta…. ahhh how nostalgic. Anyone who doesn’t know the song has gotta be shot.

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sola 11: Parting of ways.


How should I put this episode..? The calm before the storm I guess.

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“I hate the manga.”, says Bokurano anime director

It is common knowledge amongst fans that many anime adapted from other media often have a 90% failure rate as the production team might change the story, insert new characters, put in anime-only story arcs or screw up the general “feel” of the series. In fact, it truly takes an exceptional team, working hand in hand closely, to actually make these anime a real success. Case in point, Kyoto Animation and the Full Metal Panic series, which they took over from Gonzo, well known as wreckers of many other adaptations.

However, this is probably the first time an anime director has publicly acknowledged hate for the original work his project is based on and I find it pretty discomforting while admirable at the same time.

While I have been avoiding the Bokurano series for a while due to feeling it as being overhyped, especially due some of my peers who have been praising it on and on, but recently, I gave it a try and read the manga and I was truly blown away by the story and the connection I felt to the individual characters. However, at the same time, I thought…”Wow. Unless the production team is truly dedicated, no way they can bring this to anime w/o screwing it up.”

Looks like my concerns have been true, with the public admission of director Hiroyuki Morita’s hate for it. Bokurano definitely has many disturbing moments but those are what truly makes it an outstanding series in the first place. Hatred for the original work will no doubt screw up the final product. Sad, but the fact is that Gonzo will continue on their “anime adaptation” rape reputation.

Still. I will try the anime out and see how it compares to the manga. While I can’t deny the director wants a “happy ending”, but what made me truly love the Bokurano series was the deaths of the kids, who died for a cause they believed in, knowing 100% of the outcome. I wonder how Hiroyuki plans to “save the children” becasue that will either make of break the anime series as a whole, in my opinion.

Source: Canned Dogs, Anime News Network.

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Hitohira has just ended, bringing the curtain down to one of this season’s finest drama anime yet.

The ending was very undoubtedly inspired by Simoun, also done by Studio DEEN last year. The dance, the effects and the progression just instantly made me think of Simoun and I realize that Hitohira shares similarities with it more than just than the ending, but also in the overall plot structure and storytelling. Undoubtedly the themes are rather different but, I can definitely say Hitohira is a spiritual successor to Simoun.

In all, Hitohira has been very much an enjoyable experiences despite a few minuses here and there. It was a satisfyingly told story of a girl, who was given a dream and was brought out of her corner to see the world in a different light. I will admit I can’t really express it well in words, and Hitohira is a show that one needs to watch to innately understand it.

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