9 weeks of MechaIdol later…


I wonder why am I still watching it. At first, I picked it up because of the A-list of seiyuus, then I continued with it because I saw it had some potential, but now, I’m getting a bit jaded with it.

Actually, I’m getting bored of Haruka hogging most of the airtime along with her somewhat, erm… strange obsession with her mecha, Imbel. Idolmaster has a really large cast, but they aren’t given enough airtime, seriously. Out of the nine episodes up till now, Haruka has probably 75% or more of the airtime. And the only character apart from Haruka which had an episode focused on her remains only Yukiho-chan, sigh, and she’s not exactly my favourite character.

The other thing is that the show is taking itself somewhat seriously, in my opinion, especially on the Haruka-Imbel relationship angle, which, to me, just feels really overdone already. The show needs to be less serious and, uh, dark, I guess.

Still, I guess I will watch on just for the heck of it, and since I’ve already come this far, I might as well put some hope in to it. But unless the show starts to get more interesting, either in a dramatic way or a character-driven way, Idolmaster is going to be deigned to the forgettable anime pile.

Hint: More Iori-chan plz. A Yayoi is fine too.

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  1. quickbrownfox Said,

    June 3, 2007 @ 1:00 am

    Technically, Iori had her character development episode. The one with her giving Haruka a corndog at the end, tsundere stylel. Though it does need more fighting or something. Getting Iori into Nebula might work as well. Maybe she and Haruka would make a great team.

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