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Yandere-mode kowai yo…

Oh wow. Shit truly hits the fan this episode. First we had Matsuri disappearing for the entire episode, then a lot of Aono-san fanservice ( loved how she fussed over her clothing and hairdo ) and then Matsuri’s unexpected reappearance capped off with Aono going yandere-mode causing Yorito to stab Matsuri.

A lot seems to have happened in the one month that passed within this episode as Matsuri seems to have hooked up with Mayuko, whose origins and motives are still not explained yet. Also, looks like Matsuri, Yorito and Aono has had quite a past together as seen in the flashbacks, most likely a love triangle between them with Matsuri somehow making Aono in to a Yakabito, while Yorito is well… still human it seems, but as how it happened, we still have no idea.

Mai Nakahara, to me, is doing a good job at voicing Aono, and it’s really funny and awesome to see that her and Noto Mamiko are voicing exact opposites of their stereotype characters. Meanwhile… Ami Koshimizu’s character does scare me a bit… especially when she does the episode preview this time round.

Speaking of which…I’ve got a love/hate the episode previews for sola now… they offer naught a hint on what’s coming, which is good in a way, and bad in another too… sigh.


  1. sagematt Said,

    May 19, 2007 @ 8:57 pm

    There was some serious brickshitting in this episode. Highlights:

    – Yuki Nagato testing different hairstyles, a la Haruhi.
    – Yuki Nagato going Alternate Nagato.
    – Yuki Nagato going yandere (I was expecting her to go USODA! at that point)

    Anyways, a blatant Nagato-fest. Not that I’m complaining.
    Now, I’d like to make some assumptions regarding the plot… is that alright, Kuro?

  2. Furuba Said,

    May 19, 2007 @ 9:00 pm

    I agree with ur comment about the preview =3 wish they showed like actuall footage of the next ep XD but guess the sky is nice enough? lol~
    aw man i really can’t wait till this is subbed. saw screenies and laughed at aono’s hairdos XD
    but the last few made me eyes literally O.O lol and i was talking to my cousin at the time on the phone and it sounded like a random gasp to her XD but omg little more than half way in sola till it ends !! D: can’t wait~

  3. Bluestreak2 Said,

    May 23, 2007 @ 5:33 am

    GAHHHHHHHHH. Man I’m really loving this show for some reason. I NEED the next episode…… WHY must it be almost a week till Lunar’s next release T_T

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