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StrikerS Nano 02 – 09

At first I decided to post them up one by one, but it’s going to be such a pain, so I’m going to post them by the episodes of which the contents spoof. This is the rest of the StrikerS Nano doujins that use episode one’s material.

StrikerS Nano

Hayate has trained Rein well.. yes.. very well indeed.

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Problem of Motivation

Lucky Star

I’m falling in love with Kona-chan more and more. It’s really scary for me to say this, but her action patterns to avoid studying are almost exactly like mine, seriously. Kinda ironic for me to say this when I have an assignment due in 3 days and a presentation in another 8 hours ahaha~.

That aside, Kona-chan stole the whole show for me, first with her reasons for being late. First day was helping a fellow “friend” (in a MMORPG nontheless) and the second day was just pure gold with the “I got caught up with a girl who stole taiyaki…”. Then she chose the most awesome birthday presents for Kagami and Tsukasa with the former getting a “danchou” armband and the latter getting a ToHeart uniform. God knows how many parodies of Akari-Tsukasa have been produced. If they insert in one of Kagami in Shana outfit, KyoAni will be eternally etched in the minds of otakus world wide.

Also, gotta love Kagami’s secret love for the FMP light novels. Ah… I really wish that the English ones would come out faster myself. Also, the random, high-quality shots really jarred me a bit, for a moment there, I thought I was watching AIR XD. Not to forget, Akira-sama was as awesome as usual today. Gotta love her bipolarity providing us with really good parting laugh every week.

BTW, what was the song being sung by Kagami this episode? Seems like it’s from a J-Dorama.

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Lucky Star Director Change

News just came in from loyal blog reader Skane, about the change of directors for Lucky Star.

Apparently, current director Yamamoto Hiroshi has been changed to Yasuhiro Takemoto, whose credits include directing FMP? Fummoffu and FMP: The Second Raid. The news post link on Kyoto Animation website is here.

Hmm, just as I thought Lucky Star was improving much, but looks like KyoAni’s higher-ups weren’t as pleased. Did the resignation of Gainax’s Takami Akai had an indirect role in this, I wonder. Changing directors this early in the series airing is pretty unprecedented as far as I know, but it does show KyoAni’s legendary trait of producing high quality shows. We’ll see how the new director will bring Lucky Star in what direction and given his credits, I’m having pretty high hopes.

UPDATE: High possibility the news is a fake inserted by net vandals. Read hashihime’s comment below. The notice page seems to be inaccessible as well.

UPDATE 2: Surprisingly the news post is still up now, at Japan time 10am. Either the news is true or the vandals locked KyoAni out of their server. Further confirmation still needed I think.

UPDATE 3: The announcement has been picked up by many other major news sites, including Moon Phase, ANN and ANS. Looks like the news is true after all. Lack of more details probably due to the fact that Golden Week starts in Japan today. We’ll see as time goes on.

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A hot onee-san appears!

Megami Magazine

Almost everyone seems to have mistook her for Ayaka. Nekane must be crying now hearing that. She needs more appearances along with Anya seriously, especially in the manga.

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StrikerS Nano 01 – F.T.H’s rival appears!

StrikerS Nano

It’s going to be a long, long, loooong road ahead for you though, Subaru.

Original doujin site here.

Credits to the people over at DGZ for the t/l’s. organizing the t/l’ed 4-koma’s nicely.

Credits to selkirk and humbug23 of the ASuki forums for the actual translations.

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Swimsuit Evangeline

Megami 85

Pwned. ’nuff said. No matter how much I don’t like SHAFT’s version of Negima, I can’t deny they draw good shit.

Hi-Res, 20MB(yes, 20MB, epic isn’t it?) version available at Use wisely.

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Megami 85

Yep, it’s another Megami. This time it’s Hayate no Gotoku cover, along with an awesome Evangeline poster. Sadly, the rest don’t seem to excite my internal otaku… makes me wonder if I should order it or not when HLJ stocks it.

Megami 85

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Moetan Anime in the works.

From Anime News Network.

Moetan, a series of quirky manga-inspired guides for otaku learning English, will debut as an anime series in July of 2007. The Sansai Books line teaches English words with the help of a magical girl named Ink-chan and examples drawn from anime and otaku culture. Typical example sentences include Fist of the North Star’s “You are already dead,” and “What time do you leave for Comiket?”

Awesome. This summer will be fun. Go grab the audio CD’s if you can, even with minimal Japanese understanding, I guarantee that laughs will abound.

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Idolm@ster Xenoglossia OP: Binetsu S.O.S. !!

Idolmaster Xenoglossia

Surprisingly good and catchy. I’m starting to like Hashimoto Miyuki.

So far, Idolm@ster Xenoglossia has kinda exceeded expectations and it’s kinda enjoyable to watch. Sadly it seems the reaction it’s been getting is kinda negative. Well I haven’t played the game myself yet so I’m not that biased, but as a show, Xenoglossia isn’t that bad at all. Haruka, while being in the same character class as Arika, is actually likable while the other cast members are hillarious. I do wonder where did the doctor who appeared in episode 2, who gives off a Shizuru vibe, went to. She needs more screen time.

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Higurashi Kyara CD 02: Mion and Shion

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

My respect for Satsuki Yukino just went up considerably with this character CD. Self-duet for the win XD.

The Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Character CD’s are probably the most entertaining character CD set I’ve seen in a while. “USODAAAAA!!” Rena’s CD has Keiichi and Oishii duet rapping, which was the funniest thing ever since Kyon and Itsuki’s pathetic attempt at singing My First Goodbye in gangsta-rap style in the Haruhi Drama CD, and now Shmion’s CD has her self-dueting. And the songs are really not for the faint of heart who understand Japanese. Let’s just say disturbing things happen in the song in a very happy manner. And the drama track has poor Keiichi forced to crossplay as well, I think. I kinda stopped when that mental image formed so I can’t confirm.

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