Negima Drama Followup

3-14-07 (1:40AM EDT)—- Negima Drama In Doubt?
Yesterday’s blog entry over at actress Ai Tanimoto’s journal that mentions Negima will become a live action TV drama at some point in the future has been deleted. With the only source for the news now having fallen by the wayside, where does the idea of such a project currently stand? One opinion is that the news has to be genuine because according to Tanimoto’s comments she had a confirmed role in the series, passing some audition screening stage. The thinking being that no professional thesbian worth his or her salt would be caught dead prattling about online about getting a role that didn’t exist. On the one hand we have the record low TV ratings that have plagued the 2nd season of the anime in Japan. Can further renditions and extrapolations of the story endure economic viability? On the other we have series creator Ken Akamatsu who made a web journal entry back on February 27th indicating “There is an announcement that will become a big surprise when April comes. It is a project that has not been done before.” Meanwhile, an entry by the President of Negima rights manager Marvelous Entertainment over at their site mentions “The next term will also involve enriching the lineup of cost conscious live action dramas.” Still other uncofirmed fan rumors state the drama will happen in 2008 and to look in a future issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine (where the manga serializes) for the official announcement.

Still not very good news. The anime industry is a very dangerous place to get too famous.

Source: Anime News Service.

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  1. Vallen Chaos Valiant Said,

    March 14, 2007 @ 6:17 pm

    It sounds less like an incorrect blog entry as much as a “you are in big trouble lady unless you remove that classified information” incident. :P

    There was a separate verification for the live action Negima somewhere else, but otherwise don’t expect anything official yet. The fact that the blog entry was removed suggests Marketing isn’t quite ready to let the cat out of the bag yet.

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