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Manabi Dropkick!

Manabi Straight

Shimojii no uragirimono!!!!!

Oh. My. God. Another bloody awesome way to kickstart(pun intended) another episode of Manabi. More proof she’s related to Haruhi here, with that awesome dropkick of hers. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that… >.<.

Also, unexpectedly, Aya Hisakawa plays the Aikoh Superintendent. Oh man, how much I’ve missed that alluring voice of hers and she’s really enjoying this role of hers from being deadly serious and bitchy to childishly lovey-dovey in flash. Best part of the show for me must’ve been when she first introduced herself to Manabi at her home, claiming, surprisingly, that she’s her brother’s girlfriend. Awesome… just damned awesome.

Not forgetting my favourite Mei-tan too, she’s totally in to the tsundere tsukkomi role already, playing a nice foil to Manabi’s boke-ness. I think her harisen skills are only second to Chidori Kaname of FMP, with that gravity defying hit of hers that causes instant, on-the-spot backflips.

And “YAY!” for my country being mentioned, XD.

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Happy Birthday to Megumi Hayashibara and Ayako Kawasumi!

March 30 must be a magical date, with two top tier seiyuus being born on the same day. Furthermore, they were born in 1967 and 1976 respectively.


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Ichigo Mashimaro II OVA.

Oshi… lolis! Yeah more antics of the IchiMashi gang, this time with 100% more Matsuri ownage(OMG! (゚д゚) ) and usamimi Ana-chan~~ ~~(´ー`)~~….

Ichigo Mashimaro


Also, Nobue-oneesama is scary… really scary…especially when she was going all “haa~~~” watching Matsuri-chan enjoying her book… not that I won’t understand it… but, yeah, it’s scary… really scary.

Ichigo Mashimaro


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Megami 84

Megami 84

It’s out. This month’s posters are somewhat less awesome that previous issues, but it more than makes it up with the inclusion of a StrikerS CD. Now waiting for hi-res scans.

Megami 84

This month’s posters.

P.S. Those aren’t mine, OK.

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Hellsing Ultimate III Trailer out!

Yeah, I’m late for the news, blame my C++ ASSignment for it. The trailer can be viewed through this link, or watch the uploaded version of it here.

Hellsing OVA III Trailer
Uploaded by digiwombat

BTW, the official site owns. Why?



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Nanoha StrikerS Pre-Airing Post

So we have a 30 sec trailer of the series floating around, and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a very fun and action packed series.

But… I must say…

Nanoha StrikerS

… what a fuck up the official English names are of Tiana and Kyaro…. I don’t care, I’m going to refer to them as “Tiana” and “Kyaro/Carol” no matter what the official site says. Seriously, the first time someone mentioned “Teana”, I thought it was “Teats”… OTL. Also, the official site is so gay… everything is done in .jpg, wtf? I can’t even try to Babelfish the site’s contents OTL.

Nanoha StrikerS

But thankfully, Rein-chan’s name is really cool! Reinforce Zwei! That sounds so cool! Rein-chan BANZAI!!

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Debu Noto

I LOL’ed. Hard. Really hard.

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oh god Shiori is cute

Kanon 2006

I can’t believe it myself, but I’m rewatching Kanon 2006 while waiting for next week to come. Says much about the quality of the show when you have 10 other unwatched series in possession but decide to rewatch a recently concluded one.

Anyways, rewatching episode one made me realise there’s already a ton of clues put in it, from the random shot of Shiori and her mom passing by Yuuichi and Nayuki while on the way to the hospital, to Yuuichi’s comment “Wasn’t this a barley field before?” on reaching his school, there was really a lot of subtle nuances and clues already being thrown around since episode one.

Also, I can’t believe how much I missed Makoto’s antics. Auu~~~

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Mahou Shoujo Natsumi

Keroro Gunsou

OMG Mahou Shoujo Natsumi!!! I feel like Giroro now… *nosebleeds*.

Legendary episode is legendary. Thank god Aki-san didn’t get to join in the mahou shoujo fun (imagine mahou shoujo Aki…!), but it was sure an heartwarming episode there :).

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C.C. stands for Cool & Cute

Code Geass

Pizza….. T_T

A fun filled episode this time, although ending with a more shocking twist. Ashford Academy organizes their School Festival and it attracts the attention of a lot of people for various reasons. I’m surprised that Lulu didn’t screw up during the day more than I thought he would be.

I’ve come to the realization that C.C. stands for Cool and Cute (of course, others disagree and say it’s actually Cheese and Cheese, but I digress). Her love for pizza really knows no bounds. I’m coming to think that it might even lead to her downfall XD… imagine this… the Brittanians luring her out with a huge pizza with extra Cheese-kun plushies all around. She’d be like the fly coming to the honey :D.

Also, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Viletta! Currently, my third favorite Geass Girl behind C.C. and Shirley, I’ve really missed her. God damned Ohgi that lucky bastard for getting to hook up with her. If he ever sells her off, he’s so going to be dead, real dead, badly mangled too, preferably.

Code Geass

Of course the episode ends with another twist, this time by Euphie, who has not only screwed up Zero’s plans in one bloody good shot, but has also sealed her fate this time round. Lulu is one pissed off mastermind now…. heh heh heh. Gotta say she’s really getting pompous lately.

P.S. No spoilers on 22 please. GG needs to sub a little bit faster :(.

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