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oh god AyuNayu is hot

Since people are requesting me to blog more, might as well flood post Megami posters. They’re automagically win normally anyways. This time it’s AyuNayu double knock out.

Megami 83

P.S. Using Rapidshare since full size is 1.5MB and I don’t want to overload the server.

P.S. Pics are now hosted directly somewhere else. A lot of thanks to Radiosity from #nanoha!

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Tsundere Red Riding Hood anyone?

Oh shit, the Japanese finally did it. They’ve moe-fied the Grimm Brothers Fairytales.

2-28-07 (4:55AM EST)—- Grimm Fairy Tales Go Moe
Enterbrain released the light novel “Tsunguri! Hontouha Tsundere Na Grimm Douwa” on February 28th for 1575 Yen. Written by Izumi Makoto with illustrations from Kazu, Izumi and others, the book takes classic Grimm fairy tale heroines such as Snow White, Red Riding Hood (8 in total) and parodies them with an extra special moe twist.

Man… tsundere Red Riding Hood and Snow White? I’m sold. Anyone can read who are the other 6 on the page?

Source: Anime News Service

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oh god MILFate is hot

Megami 83

Pic says it all.


P.S. Linked to an even more higher resolution version, hosting courtesy of Radiosity from Head over there for all you Nanoha-verse fans ;).

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Kyousora 08


He deserves it. I’d do that too if some guy was running towards me with that face.

Amazingly, this episode didn’t start with “Haike, watashi no oujisama”! Kuu’s really starting to get on my nerves a bit, with her self-blaming. Somehow she makes it look as if she’s being victimized badly and everyone is an arsehole.

Question, will the Zettai Tenshi gattai to become Zettai Mecha? There’s five of them now… and somehow none of them have zettai ryouiki!

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Megami 83

Megami 83

Yeap, it’s that time of the month again.

OH GOD FEITO-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*

The Saint October poster is pretty cute too. Impz will die when he sees that.

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Mai Otome Zwei Two

Mai Otome Zwei

Made of Rie Tanaka, Haruka-chan(oh god she has huge boobs) and win. It actually had me on the edge of my seat (bed, in this case) literally. Also had me laughing my ass off.

This is what Mai Otome should have been. I have to admit this is really good. Speaking of which, Chie’s Otome Robe power fits her so perfectly it’s scary.Plus she gets to command her own squad, woot! Thank god Arika was asleep almost the whole episode.

Next episode, Nao-sama!

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oh god yoshinoya is hot

Hidamari Sketch

The pic says it all.

God damned seconded and QFT’ed.

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Ronde without you


A fitting episode name I must say, considering the events of the previous episode. Nayuki fans rejoice though, as with Ayu temporarily out of the scene, Nayuki gets her chance to shine.

Undoubtly the whole episode is chock full of Nayuki goodnees, considering she’s been undoubtedly shafted about 55% of the series duration already, it’s fair time she gets her share too and she made this a much more enjoyable episode than last week’s one.

The gist of this episode is her attempts to cheer Yuuichi up after he’s considerably depressed with the disappearance of Tsukimiya Ayu and well, her attempts are quite heart-warming to watch. Meanwhile, Yuuichi starts to recall back some of his memories of seven years ago, and they aren’t good ones to say.

However, the episode does end with… ▼

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Soukou no Strain

Soukou no Strain

Soukou no Strain is one of those shows that I felt would be a big flop and a bore to watch initially, but I was proven wrong, very wrong in fact. Debuting in the crowded autumn season, it has surprisingly become my third most “subs-wanted” show of that season, behind Kanon and Megadere.

The main reason that attracted me to Soukou was due to appearance of Ayako Kawasumi, along with a few other of my personal watchlist seiyuus such as Yukana and Rie Tanaka in the cast list. The first episode had me initially bored though, with the economy-budget art and generic 3D CG scenes, but what intrigued me was the fact that the screenwriters had the balls to kill off many, supposedly “main” characters.

So along the way, I enjoyed Ayako-sama voicing out the role of the stoic, hard-headed yet tragic Sara Werec, while gleefully playing the “Guess who will die” with every episode and I must say, I am very impressed with the screenwriter’s balls of killing at least one central character per episode. Also, there are some unforgettable scenes such as the Lavinia’s naked run around the ship in episode 7.

In the end, what made me love Soukou was the important revelations made of Emily’s origins and the reason behind Ralph’s betrayal. The story became surprisingly engaging and serious at the same time as all the threads began to fall in place, rather than fall apart as I initially felt it would, and culminated in a nicely scripted ending, tying up the story neatly in a satisfying manner, rarely felt in many anime this days.

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Gong Xi Fa Chai escapades…

Yeah, I’m back finally from my balik kampung trip for Chinese New Year. I’m proud to declare I’m not an internet addict as I managed to survive 5 days without access, ok minimal access, to the internet. Opera Mini, GMail Mobile and GPRS are great lifenerdsavers.

How was my CNY? I’d say it was an OK trip. I managed to indulge in my annual vice of mahjong, got a nice amount of angpow which will be going to my C2D budget and tasted the real Ipoh “white” coffee (wtf there’s a wikipedia article on it?!!). Of course not forgetting the renewing of family ties, etc. etc.

While I was away, it looks the blogosphere didn’t run out of interesting topics to talk about. Heisei Democracy had an interesting article on dumpster diving animation studios and like Jeff, I’d like to go scrounge around the offices of Kyoto Animation or Megami Magazine when I have the chance.

Meanwhile, tj_han proves himself to be a regular digger with his interesting and undoubtly copypasted article on how nerds/otakus make the perfect partners. Just remember to find the right one for all you nerds out there.

So how was your Chinese New Year, my fellow Chinese readers?

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