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Megami Magazine info on StrikerS

New Megami. Nanoha cover. Major info.

Ok, I’m quite dead now. I’ll only say that Fate and Nanoha need to fix their zettai ryouiki ratio a bit. The skirts are too short. I’ll comment more later… orz

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Kyosora is good!


Egao desu!! Ayanokouji-sama no egao desu watashi no oujisama!!!

Wow, this episode was actually not bad at all. I’m beginning to like Kuu for real, even with her “Dear Prince..” habit, she does have a nice heart of her own. I liked on how she stopped the fight between Setsuna and Taurotte. Also, suprisingly, scarface is actually Kyoshiro’s brother! Didn’t expect that at all. Speaking of which, I must say Kyoshiro’s flashbacks of his brother borders on the uncomfortable XD.

Sadly, the art seems to be deteriorating by the episode, and I swear Kuu looks very, very weird in a lot of her scenes this episode. Would be ironic if the story turned to be really good but the art goes downhill all the way orz. Well, we’ll see on what happens next.

Oh, and Mika-sama needs to die horribly for the sins she has committed.


Abusing Kaon-sama?! You’re so going to get it :(

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Manga Spotlight: To-LOVE-Ru


Wow, it’s been a long time since I did a manga spotlight XD. I’ve been on a manga reading spree lately and one of the titles I’m reading now is To-LOVE-ru (in Japanese it’s pronounced as to-ra-bu-ru, meaning “Trouble”), a new series by Yabuki Kentarou-sensei of Black Cat fame.

To-LOVE-Ru is your standard romance comedy, a genre which I am quite fond of, I won’t deny. So basic set-up is about Yuuki Rito, your average wimpy-type protagonist who’s been harbouring a crush towards the angelic Haruna-chan, his class mate since junior high, but he’s unable to confess to her since he gets extremely nervous around girls. One day, he’s taking a bath when a naked girl suddenly appears in his bathroom, and introduces herself as Lala, an alien from Planet Deviluke and also the Princess of it as well. She’s been running away from her father, who’s trying to look for a suitable husband for her, but she doesn’t want it. Through a series of events, Rito-kun ends up as one of her husband candidates and they start living together.

One of the best aspects of To-LOVE-ru I would say is the girls of the story. Lala-chan plays the “active” one of the story, causing mischief with her inventions, her superhuman strength and her innocent child-like thinking at times, but she does have her mature moments and she can be quite insightful at times as well and most importantly, she doesn’t have annoying “hyper-genkiness” typical of most girls her stereotype.

The other girl, Haruna-chan, is the “perfect” girl of the story, shy, cute and petite, so there’s not much to say about her (and the story hasn’t focused on her yet anyways) except to sit down and admire her XD. My favourite is the Rito’s imouto, Mikan, whom if you didn’t know wise, would say she’s the twin of Winter Garden’s Puchiko. She has the same look and personality already… all she needs to do is start drawing 4-koma’s ^^. I want her to appear more XD.

Another moot point is definitely the art and Yabuki-sensei’s art is a sight to behold, with crisp and clean lines. Also, the proportions are done nicely and realistically as well, making it even more pleasing to my eye. He also knows his moe as well, as Lala’s joshikousei look made me do a double take, most likely from the awesome zettai ryouiki she has…. yeah.. it’s the zettai ryouiki definitely. The rest of the girls shine as well, and I can see he’s done a lot of research on fashion for the clothes worn in the manga.

So for those interested in getting the manga, it’s currently being scanlated by the great people of KEFI. Thanks to them for giving us this nice new series, I’ll be looking forward for the future releases :).

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New impz webcomic!

Remember in my Kanon 17 post where I mentioned about a certain Shiori hater? This webcomic shows the reason why. It really happened one day in #animeblogger, about 2 weeks ago, and the exact dialogue is enshirined in the channel already in the form of Guncannon’s WB. Also, I commissioned the comic :).

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A song without words between an elder sister and a younger sister



How can I convey the sadness between Shiori and Kaori….. it’s just…. subtle yet a hard-hitting in many ways in the same time…

Somehow though, what can’t be conveyed through words, the producers used music instead. Kanon’s soundtrack has always played the role of a behind-the-scenes supporter throughout the current TV series’ run, subtly enhancing it yet never taking the center stage. This episode however, as if knowing that words fail, the soundtrack takes charge instead, with the usage of several pieces, conveying effectively the feeling of the atmosphere instead, most notably the track where Kaori returns home and ignores Shiori, powerful and passionate yet sad at the same time.

Still, it wasn’t a truly gloomy episode, though I almost shed a tear at Shiori’s line of “.. but it’s called a miracle because they don’t happen.”… t’was an extremely hard hitting line there. Sigh…

P.S. To a certain Shiori-hater I know… how can you hate someone as cute as this? Either it’s jealousy or you don’t have a human heart at all!


So Shiori hates her curry… aahhhh~~

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Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo Anime

An interesting news popped up earlier on ANS:

1-25-07 (5:00AM EST)—- Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku Wo To Be Animated
Japanese videogame publisher GIGA’s smash hit adult PC love adventure Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku Wo: Melody of the Sun and Sea will be adapted to animation according to information published in Comptiq Ace Magazine Vol.011. After first hitting the market on March 31, 2006 the game swept the 2006 Bishoujo Game Awards wining The Grand Prize, The Scenario Prize, The Theme Song Prize, Best Pure Love Game and The User Support Prize. A seiyuu voice cast composed of mostly fresh talent was used to portray the 6 main heroines of the work. In a unique promotion campaign, the main theme song, opening movie, trial version and voice dramas were all released freely on the web. A major promotional effort also took place at Comic Market 70 and Comic Treasure 8. A PS2 port is is expected sometime in 2007.

Kono Aozora sounds quite promising, but I can’t find much infomation on it. Any of my readers can enlighten me more about it? I’ve seen the character designs on the official site and read a bit on the character bios on Makenai desuwayo!(ironically shutting down soon despite the name) but I’d like more info on the storyline.

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Everyone’s Gay for Impz!

Impz, the larger-than-his-blogging-persona blogger in IRC now has a fansite dedicated to him! Check out Everyone’s Gay for Impz now!

It’s an open source project so everyone can contribute and if there’s enough contributions, we might even compile this and sell in Comiket!

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Hayate the Combat Butler news and other interesting bits

According to Anime News Service, Kenjiro Hata hopes for a long Hayate anime…

1-24-07 (3:26AM EST)—- Hayate The Combat Butler Series Length
Mangaka Kenjirou Hata had some words on the state of the anime adaptation of his work Hayate the Combat Butler. According to Hata, he’s hoping the series length will be longer than 26 episodes.

Hmm, maybe 2 seasons spread over two years? Going for a single run for longer than 26 episodes tends to ruin the overall quality… I really don’t want to see the Hayate anime suffering the “anime-to-manga conversion” syndrome…

Also, a spot of news of a new interesting project:

1-24-07 (4:02AM EST)—- Voice Actresses Used As Character Design Models
Ga-nime and Toei Animation are planning a DVD release in March, 2007 for the animation A day of a girl @TYO. Original conept and character designs by Mikimoto Haruhiko (Macross), Director: Kaneko Atsuji, Cast: Akiyama Nana, Tanaka Rie, Koshimizu Ami. In an unusual move, Mikimoto is basing his character illustration concepts on the above three voice actresses. The story revolves around daily life scenes of girls living in Tokyo.

An anime for the seiyuu worshippers? Too bad my favourites aren’t in there… but someone I know on IRC will probably die when he hears of this. Admittedly, Tanaka Rie does have an interesting life, if the anime somehow manages to put in her hobby of cosplaying her characters *coughSuigintoucough*, that’ll be the bomb XD.

Finally, a follow up for my earlier post on anime/manga/game decorated cars..

1-24-07 (5:44AM EST)—- Anime Tunerz Part 2: Osaka
Senka Blog took a camera into the parking lot of the Comic Treasure 9 event, held in Osaka, Japan on January 21st. They captured photographs of many cars and bikes with anime and manga graphic mods.

Feels a little subdued compared to the Comiket one, nevertheless still awesome to see the fandom.

Doesn’t it feel like my blog is slowly turning in to a news blog ^^;;…

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Cosplay C.C. 4TW!

Code Geass

Wow, cosplay C.C. is awesome!

Aside from that, Code Geass is actually getting good. I was really touched at the ending of this episode, after Lulu mind-wiped himself from Shirley’s memories. At least now he has a backbone, plus the “being unintentionally funny” title is already taken away by Kuu. As for the new character Mao, can you say “stalker”?

Code Geass

Last meeting?

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Byousoku 5cm release in March

More updates on Byousoku 5cm, courtesy of Anime News Service:

1-23-07 (5:02PM EST)—- Byousoku 5 Centimeter Release In March
Following production wrapping on January 22nd, its been announced Director Makoto Shinkai’s Byousoku 5 Centimeter – a chain of short stories about their distance will make its debut to the public in March, details to follow. The anime film compilation of short stories was previously targeted for a spring release.

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