Yui Horie, trap, gar and win


Those are the components that make up our lovely Mizuho-chan, which I realized after watching this episode. Yes, Mizuho’s made up of Yui Horie, trap, GAR and pure winnage. It’s undeniable.

The school festival is finally here and everyone generally has fun.Mizuho’s class is doing the planetarium exhibition successfully, Kana’s class is selling assorted accessories and Yukari’s class is a _meido_ cafe.

Meanwhile, Mariya is still feeling irritated and jealous over how much Mizuho has changed in to a stronger and kinder person (ironically, as a woman rather than a man XD). The upcoming play with the Student Council increases her jealousy even more as she discovers the climax is a kiss scene when she offers to become Mizuho’s practice partner the day before.

Before the Student Council’s play, the group watches the Theater Club’s one, with Kana and Kei looking pretty awesome. The play, however makes Mariya more and more irritated and she runs off before it finishes. When the turn comes for the Student Council’s play, she intentionally avoids it by manning the booth at the planetarium.

Meanwhile, the play is going on successfully, with Mizuho and Takako acting in full earnest. An accident happens, however, towards the end, as Takako’s costume gets caught on a nail and ripped half (cleanly, I might add). Shocked, Mizuho springs in to action, covering Takako with his cape and kissing her for real to stop her embarrassed screams. Mariya walks in at the exact moment and runs off in shock.

After the play ends, Mizuho apologises to Takako for the kiss earlier, but Takako thanks Mizuho for not getting her shamed in front of the whole school and runs off to the Student Council office, where her calm facade drops, showing her nervousness. Mariya, meanwhile, is hiding in the church and realizes she likes Mizuho.

Otoboku is definitely going well beyond expectations. The story is nicely developing in to a Mariya vs Takako for Mizuho’s love. Mariya does seem to have the upper hand though, since she knows Mizuho quite well, but I’m still rooting for Takako :P. So far though, Mizuho hasn’t really shown any clear signs of interest towards both, although he should be aware of the changes in both. I wonder who will win in the end….

Anyways, Takako 4TW!



  1. Haesslich Said,

    December 10, 2006 @ 11:51 am

    I’ll be honest – it’s got me better than Strawberry Panic did; it has all of the comedic elements of another gender-changing manga/anime I can name (Kashimashi) but without the severe angst or plot holes…. and the characters, while cliched, are enjoyable in the same way Magikano was last season – a similarly small, light show which introduced dramatic elements with a similar… lack of success, although here they work a TAD better for me.

    Still, I wish we’d see more Shion, or Ichiko; not that I mind watching Mariya tease the hell out of Mizuho, but I do find it kind of funny that Takako goes rather quickly into the dere-dere mode (which probably caused Kimie to have a heart attack when her onee-sama/president got stripped, then kissed in quick succession) while Mariya’s going more into the tsun-tsun stage as the series goes on. Personally, I’m rooting for Mariya although I suspect Takako or Shion are likely to end up with Mizuho; the latter’s a sentimental choice, while the former would be… well, if Takako ever discovers Mizuho’s identity, it might either present an opportunity to unite two business empires or else drive her completely away from Mizuho due to the impropriety of his behavior (even if he was properly following the dictates of the head of family).

  2. Haesslich Said,

    December 10, 2006 @ 12:48 pm

    Incidentally, a friend linked this one:


  3. Syaoran Li Said,

    December 10, 2006 @ 2:13 pm

    You got a good point Haesslich

    One more thing, the most important question here is… can Takako handle the truth if she ever learned from Mizuho? He isn’t doing something wrong; it was his grandfather’s wish for him to roller up on that school and, to my thinking, follows the steps of his mother. Maybe I’m letting run wild my imagination but, I think this is a plan for Mizuho, for his sake and the sake of his family. Let me put in this way: If he chooses Takako and she accepted him after learned the truth, both families can make a bound between each other and become one of the greatest companies in Japan. And if he chooses Mariya, his childhood friend, that decision will come from his heart from so many years spending beside her and be called “a strong love”.

    I’m happy this time, because I’ll be glad with whoever Mizuho chooses, if he made that decision of course. And don’t forget that damn episode 13 when the 7th DVD came out next year. Damn that system of 2-episodes per DVD when a series has 12 or 13 episodes.

    Thanks for the photo Kurogane-sensei.

  4. badger11 Said,

    December 10, 2006 @ 2:56 pm

    I’m still hoping for a Shion ending or a Mariya ending. I don’t think that Takako could handle the revelation about Mizuho. The incident with Kana’s bow, tells be that she’s a hardcore by-the-book type. Or we could be taken by surprise and have a Romero and Juliet type ending. Nah!

  5. AC Said,

    December 10, 2006 @ 5:10 pm

    Horie Yui is a lead character in two more shows next season as well. Manabi Straight and something that’s entirely too long but starts with Tokyo and ends with Tou. Neither are males though. Really too bad.

  6. ordnance11 Said,

    December 10, 2006 @ 5:16 pm

    To Badger11:

    Are you kidding me? Once Takako learns that Mizuho is a boy, she’d be pulling an Ichigo on him!..Speaking of which, I wonder when those two (Takako and Ichigo) are going to meet?

  7. hellionz Said,

    December 10, 2006 @ 7:00 pm

    You guys, after watching it a few times, i’ve drawn a conclusion. you’ll see some scene concerning Kimie-san when watching it right?

    In one of the scene Kimie-san is looking at the bed that was used in the play right? Then this came to my mind after watching it, maybe Kimie-san sabotage the bed that makes Takako’s dress rip cleanly. It maybe my imagination or something but it’s up to you guys to figure out though i smell something fishy bout Kimie-san.

  8. Endz Said,

    December 10, 2006 @ 8:31 pm

    @ AC.

    Nagasarete Airantou

  9. Endz Said,

    December 10, 2006 @ 9:11 pm

    eek forgot to put a question mark.

    I meant “Nagasarete Airantou?”

  10. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    December 11, 2006 @ 11:39 am

    Probably not. Nagasarete Airantou isn’t scheduled next season, probably Spring ’07 or Summer ’07.

  11. FortMan Said,

    December 11, 2006 @ 2:20 pm

    Um, if I may ask, what is “GAR”?

  12. Ituloy Angsulong Said,

    December 11, 2006 @ 9:29 pm

    Cute screen captures. Thanks.

  13. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    December 11, 2006 @ 10:02 pm

    >>Um, if I may ask, what is “GAR”?

    GAR is a term used to describe a male character so awesome that even guys lust or respect him. 4chan meme and possibly originated from the anime “GaoGaiGar”, since the main character was kinda GAR.

  14. FortMan Said,

    December 12, 2006 @ 1:20 am

    I see. Thank you. ^^

  15. Fat Cat Lim Said,

    December 12, 2006 @ 6:14 pm

    I thought GAR arose from a misspelling for “I’m gar for Archer”?

    Also, Takako FTW.

  16. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    December 12, 2006 @ 6:16 pm

    Hmm is it? I didn’t really know much of the initial origins, but I’m pretty sure of the purpose :P.

  17. sagematt Said,

    December 12, 2006 @ 9:11 pm

    >>Um, if I may ask, what is “GAR”?

    It evolved from being a typo “I’m gar for Archer”, to an abbreviation for “Gay for ARcher”, and then it became what we know today.

    Also, when in doubt, check Urban Dictionary.

  18. MoonDoggieBuiscuit Said,

    December 13, 2006 @ 1:10 pm

    This is no odinary trap anymore….
    We should put names to different kinds of traps….
    (*thinks *)

  19. oal Said,

    December 17, 2006 @ 9:11 pm


    As someone told me per icq, it’s “a reverse trap of the second kind”.

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