KAB 2.0 Progress Report

And my progress report for KAB 2.0 is…. 0%!

It really seems that when I want to do such things, real life must always start turning busy for me… orz.

Also I don’t feel like blogging lately, my life feels like a very dull shade of grey right now, I think it’s caused by Zegapain and Makoto, kinda like when you have too much awesome which suddenly stops and you desperately want to experience more awesome… orz.

That being said, Otome Zwei was hideously good. The good being the awesome Otome action in the episode and bad being that Arinko-chan is still the main lead. And the OP for Rozen Maiden ouverture was awesome. Baragoku Otome (link to download, delete within 24 hours, ‘kay) single is quite the win. And I must say, Kyon-kun’s enthusiasm for Mikuru is really really rubbing off on to me….

P.S. Oh lol this paragraph is awesome…

After goofing about with Haruhi, my sister sneaked her little face into Asahina-san’s full bosoms, and hugged the knees of the still Nagato. Finally, she was tossed in circles by the laughing Tsuruya-san and wouldn’t stop squealing.Thank goodness that she’s a sister. Had she been a brother, he would’ve been covered up in a bag in some dark alley by now.

Kyon-kun is awesome.

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  1. sagematt Said,

    December 6, 2006 @ 4:18 am

    Itsuki terrorized me in Snow Mountain Syndrome. You just can’t get any more faggier. And I knew Mikuru does enjoy all the cosraping :D

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