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“Just shoot me.”


‘I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a penis on this. None. I won’t accept it’

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Nanoha StrikerS airdate announced!

Nanoha StrkerS

Tsui ni kitaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! I just shed manly tears of happiness and not even broken cables will stop me from blogging this! The Nanoha official site has been updated with info on the airdate of StrikerS, which will be airing on April 1st 2007, putting it in the Spring Season, and pictures of what is most likely this season’s antagonists. They have interesting weapons there, no? I see double pistols and gauntlets there :3~

4 more months… yes… 4 more months…

P.S. Found out some extra spoilers. Read at your own risk :) ▼

P.P.S. Thanks to Waffle for clearing up a bit of mistakes. The 4/1 date is for the Lyrical Party event, not the anime airing date.I guess it will be confirmed later. Also… ▼

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Primula (Itou Noizi ver.)

Really? Really!

From the Really? Really! Original Illustration Collection.


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C.C. Rocks!

Code Geass

Suigintou Smile“-class Moe Damage.

After episode 11, no matter how Geass gets screwed up, I’ll watch it for C.C. This was an awesome episode for her, though not as much as for the others though. And god damned it…. they had to mute up her name. I need to learn lip-reading soon T_T.

Not to forget too, the second most awesome character this episode..

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Sugintou’s smile..

Rozen Maiden ~ouverture~

Critical Moe Damage.

Finished Ouverture, I died and went to heaven. A few times. Suigintou is clearly the best. Can’t understand those desu-tards, Suigintou is clearly supreme.

Aside from Sugintou being teramoesu~~, Ouverture introduces us to her backstory when she first met Shinku. I must say, I can really understand the animosity between those two much more better now.

Also, Sara was kinda cute, too bad the script writers didn’t write in a “-nyo” for her. I would’ve LMAO’ed hard if they did that :).

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[Insert Christmas themed title here]

[Insert obligatory christmas wishes to everyone reading the blog]

P.S. I counted down to Christmas in Pangya ~_~. And for no reason, I wanna do a karaoke of this song…. I am mad… I am mad..

And here’s my Christmas present for my readers.

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The Last Dance


NANTO!! Mariya x Takako ending?!

What? The? Hell?!

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Code Geass site updated!

Pizza Hut supports the rebellion!

So it looks like the Code Geass site has been updated with a video too. Go watch it now! I will pray for your survival ;).

Man… ▼

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A Beatrice Christmas


Merry Christmas!

Kinda sappy, I know, but who cares ;). Ayako finally gets her first kiss… wai~ wai~ :).

This episode really makes me realise how close Christmas is already and the fact I won’t have anyone to celebrate it with…. the path of an otaku is a lonely one, orz T_T.… and how close the New Year is. Look out for the Kuro’s Choice Awards 2006 some time soon, hopefully before 2007 :).

For those looking for the insert song used in this episode, Konayuki Maifuru Kouen de by Tomita Maho, I’ve uploaded it here, which IMO, the best song from Mamoru-kun. The rest of the songs are kinda crap, sadly.

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Oh Mai gawd…



Mai is moe. Mai is moe desu~~..! Polygamy is allowed in moe, right? Right!?

That was one awesome waltz. One bloody awesome waltz. Has there been any other better animated dances in anime in recent times? First, GOD KNOWS, now, Mai’s waltz. KyoAni is legendary.


More Mai goodness for safe measure

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