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Fall arrives and everyone is in the winter uniform, with the OP and ED updated accordingly to (+10 points). Kana gets into trouble with Takako because of her trademark ribbon, which due to her loli size, looks huge on her, therefore Takako thinks she’s breaking the school’s dress code. However, the ribbon is very precious to Kana, who’s an orphan, as she received it from the headmistress of the orphanage that she grew up in, so the ribbon means a lot to her.

With a suggestion from Shion and Mariya’s help, she submits a formal objection to Takako about her decision, which means the student council has to notify the student body and present the case. Mizuho is troubled on whether to side with Kana or Takako, since she thinks both are not doing anything wrong, while thanks to the attention garnered by the complaint, Kana is bullied by her peers, who thinks that she’s misusing her position as Mizuho’s _imouto_, leading to Mizuho to tick her tormentors off.

At the presentation of the objection to the student body, Mizuho resolves the problem diplomatically, by demonstrating that the same ribbon, worn by him, looks in proportion and asks if Takako would have warned him if she was the one wearing it, to which Takako reluctantly replies no and they win the case, earning the gratitude of Kana-chan. After that, Takako wonders if Mizuho is either her friend or her enemy.


Customary Takako Pic.

Kana-chan centered episode, and I agree with Omni that it’s much ado about nothing, since the ribbon isn’t really that distracting or annoying. Kana-chan is easily my third favourite character in the show, since she manages to be loli-cute but not annoying, which kinda happens a lot with the cute-type lolis.

Takako, unfortunately, plays the “bad guy” in this episode, but then, she’s just doing her own job, like Mizuho says. The ribbon does look huge on Kana, y’know :X. Anyways, her soliloquy at the end is seems to hint on something bigger, but I have no idea what.

Oh, and Shion needs to have more lines… she’s like practically forgotten or something. Also, too bad that Kei-san and Michiko don’t get much airtime due to the episode limitations, especially Kei-san… who’s like a more darker and mischevious Yue :3. Man, she would be such an awesome character.


  1. Lupus Said,

    November 19, 2006 @ 9:17 pm

    Kei is like a low-fat version of Hana-something from Fruits Basket. These brooding ‘ghost-psychic’ types are boring and overworked…

  2. Tess Said,

    November 20, 2006 @ 3:54 am

    But Kei is a lesbian, so she’s not boring.

  3. sagematt Said,

    November 20, 2006 @ 7:27 am

    @Lupus: Bah, Hanajima was awesome. She was even trying to score with Kyou’s dad, which horrorized him. Genius.

    Boring and overworked? I take it you haven’t watched Mahoraba…

  4. wontaek Said,

    November 20, 2006 @ 2:29 pm

    I thought Hanajima was one of the funnier characters in Fruits Baskets. As for Otoboku, for some reason Shion scares me. Did any notice how tall she is?

  5. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    November 20, 2006 @ 2:35 pm

    Lupus has no taste, we can ignore him

    Hanajima is awesome, seriously. Kei is just a perfect combination of Hanajima and Yue.

    >>As for Otoboku, for some reason Shion scares me. Did any notice how tall she is?

    I think she’s about the same or 1-2cm taller than Mizuho, who’s already quite tall herself, so yeah, I noticed, but why is it scary?

  6. cclragnarok Said,

    November 20, 2006 @ 3:56 pm

    I think maybe wontaek is afraid of Shion being another trap. Although I don’t think Shion is a trap, there are several reasons she’s suspicious:

    1. She’s tall.
    2. She found out Mizuho’s gender quite easily (cross dressers are perhaps more sensitive to other cross dressers).
    3. Being male might be the real (or just another) reason she feels guilty about being the Elder.
    4. She’s too accepting of Mizuho, and she seems to REALLY want Mizuho to be the Elder (maybe she’d feel less guilty about being a male Elder if there is another one).
    5. She could probably get out of swimming (and other PE classes) because she has a weak body.
    6. Maybe she had to miss school because she’s afraid of being found out with all the attention she gets as the Elder. Maybe she then went though a sex-change operation before returning…. OK I’ll stop here.

  7. CrazyMcChan Said,

    November 21, 2006 @ 4:49 pm

    Even the few shots of Kei-san are very funny, the evil twinkle is the best. I hope we get to know more about her and Michiko soon.

  8. Xellos-_^ Said,

    November 23, 2006 @ 7:21 am

    It has now been report on Animesuki that Takako Figurine has White LACE underwear.

  9. lysther e. desuyo Said,

    March 17, 2007 @ 4:02 am

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