Gasu-ko <3 Pizza Hut

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I’ll have to agree with DarkMirage here, product placement does work. I have an urge for Pizza Hut now, which is only stopped by the fact that they don’t deliver to Cyberjaya, where I stay.Hell, there’s not a single food delivery service here. Seriously, it’s a deserted town…. “Silicon Valley of Malaysia” my arse… OTL. Oh well, I have to raid the supermarket soon anyways.

Anyways, seriously hillarious episode this time round. Lulu’s mask gets stolen by the cat Kira Syaoran Suzaku and Lacus Yuffie saved last episode. My god… he’s pwned so easily, it’s so funny. I wonder if they’re doing this intentionally, XD. And this is the same guy which is going to destroy America Brittania.

Oh… and we need more Kallen plz. Looks like the school already has a KKK(Kitto Kitto Kallen) in place already.

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  1. tj han Said,

    November 19, 2006 @ 8:02 pm

    Next episode Karen fights with the ditzy one after Lulu. And Gasuko redeems her Pizza Hut coupon that’s all filled up with stamps.

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