Neko~~ Neko~~

A more serious episode this week, with the story going in to Makoto’s line now, however still, this does not deter Kyon’ichi from his delivering his usual laugh-out-loud quota though.


Neko~~ neko~~ neko~~ neko~~

If anyone hasn’t noticed, KyoAni is still going on the one idiosyncratic audible each episode, and Nayuki is doing all the “n” words… with this episode being her “Neko~~ neko~~ neko~~ neko~~”, making me LMAO. Seriously, KyoAni needs to include all a clear sample of all this soundbites into the OST, or for even more commercial profit, a whole CD dedicated to this soundbites. I, for one, wouldn’t mind buying a CD full of variations of “Uguu~~”, “Auuu~~”, “Natto~~ natto~~” and “Yatta~~ yatta~~ yatta~ yatta~~”. If they release such CD, be assured I’ll have a lifetime supply of handphone ringtones that I’ll be wondering to myself why am I using them whenever a loud “Natto~~ natto~~” or “Uguu~~~” makes everyone look at my direction.



Makoto-wise, this episode has a lot of her, and based on the preview, the next episode too. The day kinda starts out badly for her as she samples Akiko Jam(!) and …. …. ….



So moving on, Kyon’ichi meets her after school and the cat that Nayuki was trying to pet earlier comes up to her and gets “stuck” on her. She’s afraid of it, but Kyon’ichi persuades her to hold her with bribes of _nikuman_, and the cat promptly takes its place on Makoto’s head, Shana-tan style.

After eating the _nikuman_, Kyon’ichi discuss about bringing the cat home, but he’s worried about Nayuki’s allergies. Makoto disagrees with the idea because she’d rather return the cat to it’s original state rather than having it suffer an easily-shattered peaceful life with humans, and promptly drops the cat… of the pedestrian bridge that they’re on to the middle of the road, gravely shocking Kyon’ichi . . Luckily, it manages to land on a passing truck unharmed (btw, for a more indepth look on how the cat survived, read this article), but Kyon’ichi is angry with Makoto for doing that and tries to slap her, but restrains himself, leaving Makoto to run off.


Back home, he’s still very angry about her, but when she doesn’t return for dinner, he gets worried and heads out to find her, with no success, until a helpful tip from Mai leads him to the hills overlooking the city, where he finds her with the cat, both of them sharing a last _nikuman_. Waiting for her to drift off, he carries her home, where she wakes up later surprised and causes a ruckus that wakes up the whole house.


Don’t kill me off yet!

The family share again a late-night supper and Makoto is visibly touched about how much they care about her. KyoAni made this scene real well, with the blurred shots and the accompaniment BGM used. After supper, everyone heads back to their respective rooms and Kyon’ichi tells Makoto that until her home is here, until her memories return.


  1. Jz Said,

    November 18, 2006 @ 3:41 am

    Sorry about above reply, may be my Firefox made a mistake about my comment that was replied – -*

    plz don’t forget about breakfast time is this episode… Nayuki said so happy with Strawberry jam, Ichico Jamu~Ichico Jamu~Ichico Jamu.

    it may be a part of ur favourite ringtone XD

  2. Ryan A Said,

    November 18, 2006 @ 5:16 am

    I thought the BGM in the dinner scene was spooky, but I agree that KyoAni does the “awkwardness” well. I also like the way they show the recent flashbacks, when Makoto is remembering Yuuichi coming to her while she was sleeping in the snow.

    I was very glad Yuuichi brought her kitty companion along ^^

  3. Eleutheria Said,

    November 18, 2006 @ 11:43 am

    The bowel movement joke was amazing.

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