Megadere 04


“Please stay inside for a while :)”….. BOOOM!!!!!

It’s time for the school’s festival, a must have in any school-setting anime. Mamoru-kun is all excited about it, but it doesn’t seem that Ayako is too. While helping out around the school as part of his student council job, Shiori-san calls him to meet at the _seitokai_ room, where he is asked by them to participate in the Theater Club’s play, Sleeping Princess, for the school festival, as the main actress has just fallen sick, so they’d want Ayako to take her place with him also participating along.

Mamoru-kun wonders why he asked him only and not Ayako-san, where the President says that Ayako actually hates the noise of festivals, and their only hope to get her to play the role of the Sleeping Princess is to have him drag her in too, since well… you know.. etc. etc. Ayako suddenly appears and asks about what is going on, which Mamoru-kun explains to her. Of course, being in her megadere-ness, she doesn’t want to take part in the play and thrashes the student council before storming off.

However, Mamoru-kun manages to persuade her to do it, and they both together attend the rehearsals… where it’s clear that both of them have difficulties acting out their lines, especially during the love scenes. The President decides to solve this problem by “revamping” up the storyline a bit to include kiss scenes and also extra new characters, like the fiancee of the prince, the clumsy servant, the aristocrat’s daughter, the not blood-related _imouto_ , the sexy tutor and even a princess from the neighbouring country who’s stalking the prince, basically making the whole storyline a harem-type, finally asking Mamoru to pratice kissing on Shione, provoking Ayako’s rage.

Pissed off, Ayako storms off in the rain. Mamoru rushes out with an umbrella to look for her and finds her under a tree, and they both go in and change their wet clothes, where Ayako says she’s decided to do the play and the kiss scene and that this is the first time she’s looking forward to the school festival. After that, everything proceeds smoothly and everyone works hard for preparations.

Finally, on the day before the festival, Mamoru notices that Ayako’s sneezing for the past week has gotten more intense, and he tells her to go see the doctor, but Ayako faints on the stage before he do that…. _tsuzuku!_

Another nice character development episode between those two, which I find is the only point I’m watching this show for. Well.. that and Ayako’s megadere-ness is irresistable. People need to sub this too, instead of just Kanon, DESU NOTO, D.Gayman and [insert popular show name] only. Really the character development is nice to watch, especially for Ayako’s one.

List of notable things:

* Ayako’s color scheme is very, very matching. Just some random thing I thought about when watching her different outfits.
* Ayako’s sneezes are _kawaii~~~_
* Mamoru’s sister needs to have more appearences. Can’t just waste Ai Shimizu for that, right?
* Mamoru’s class… who’s apparently making a gyudon ohanami stall?! Not to mention the ohanami part is to see rafflesias and giant pitcher plants ( ̄▽ ̄);;;. Well at least the guy in charge of the gyudon seems to be really passionate about it.
* I am scared… maybe it’s because of Kanon, but I found this somehow erotically funny.
* I’m back to doing summaries again… but I can’t think of a catchy title for this post… gomen, minna-san!


  1. Mentar Said,

    November 16, 2006 @ 4:29 am

    Oh, how I wished someone reliable would sub this, indeed…

    Megadere FTW!

  2. Zzz... Said,

    November 16, 2006 @ 10:31 am

    …why do people find mentally/emotionally unstable and overly violent girls attractive…

  3. babel Said,

    November 16, 2006 @ 11:24 am

    Mentar – “Oh, how I wished someone reliable would sub this, indeed…”

    Seconded – I’ve only seen ep. 1 so far :(

    Zzz… “…why do people find mentally/emotionally unstable and overly violent girls attractive…”

    That’s easy: because they’re fun to be with (in the SHORT term only, I hasten to add) – especially if you can deflect the violent aspect onto somebody else….

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