Blushing 4TW

Y’know… tj_han does have a valid point about blushing in anime, which especially applies to Megadere since Ayako-chan blushes practically everytime she’s not in _satsujin-ki_ mode. With Mamoru along, she blushes practically permanently, which somehow… ignites my inner moé tovery high levels. I think I might just die from moé overdose this season, with all the moé going about.

Anyways, the episode is mainly about the Student Council, up to their mischevious ways again, decide to play matchmaker for Ayako again, by inviting everyone to Ayako’s house for Mamoru’s welcoming party, to Ayako’s annoyance. There, the plan of the day is to play a game of _kakurenbo_, but with a twist…. only Mamoru and Ayako need to hide and the rest will be the _oni_, time limit one hour (thankfully). Furthermore, if the lovebirds get discovered, they will have to kiss each other in public tomorrow morning at school, which undoubtably sparks unrest in Ayako, since she has her own plans for her first kiss already, which involves the sunset and the beach… definitely not at school, in front of everyone.

So what follows is literally a game of life and death, as Ayako desperately tries to escape from the others, only her escape techniques involve copious usage of her brute strength and powers. Finally, they hide in Ayako’s closet, where Mamoru discovers that Ayako has a lot of painful memories of her parents, who thought of her as a monster because of her Beatrice powers…. so she is used to being hated… prompting an outburst from Mamoru to deny the fact as he knows that everyone loves her a lot…

Ayako: In my family, only my grandfather and me possess Beatrice powers, my parents didn’t have them… so I was thought of as a monster. Now that I look back at it… it was unavoidable… I couldn’t really control my Beatrice powers.
Mamoru: Such… Such a thing isn’t true!
Ayako: It’s nothing… I’m used to it… being despised at… loathed at… hated by people…
Mamoru: That’s not true! Everyone likes you Ayako! The president… Shione-san.. Yagi-san… Ryoko-san… Anna-san… Yuka-san… Mitsuki-san… everyone… everyone..!
Ayako: Wait…
Mamoru: Me too! I like you too, Ayako-san!
Ayako: (blushes)
Mamoru: Err.. it’s… what I mean was…
Ayako: It’s not true?
Mamoru: No.. it’s true but… (grabs hand)… I don’t want you to get used to being despised at, loathed at, hated at… I don’t want you to get used to it. So please don’t say such things, Ayako-san.

… I admitedly have to say that was very cool of him. And their tender moment gets disrupted of course by the _oni_’s, who actually hid in the room instead. Declaring that they found her… predictably, Ayako goes all berserk and says to them _MI. TSU. KA. TE. NAI. WA… NE?_. I’ll leave everyone to guess what happens next ;)

Other things of note:

* The show has too much jargon at times. /r/ less jargon in my moé rom-com plz, kthx.
* Noto Mamiko’s “Good Morning! _minna-sama_~~” when she was the DJ was extremely funny and over-the-top. I love her role in this anime.
* Mamoru-kun’s sister (younger or older ?_?) walks around nakkid around the house…. ORZ. I wonder if that’s weird or disturbing or both.
* Ayako’s dress this episode is awesome.
* Shiori’s cosplay as the Venus statue. I lol’ed hard when Mamoru was liek randoming poking around and hit her.
* Everytime Ayako goes “Mitsukatenai” in the episode…. especially the final one. Kowai desu~~~.
* I spent more than 15 minutes for this post ORZ.


  1. Syaoran Li Said,

    November 15, 2006 @ 3:22 pm

    I love it! I don’t know why, but i love this show….
    BTW, Mamuro’s seryuu is the same as Negi…

  2. Syaoran Li Said,

    November 15, 2006 @ 3:25 pm

    Uos, I was wrong with what I say about Mamoru’s seryuu… gomen…

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