Feena Drama


While some people have seemed to have given up on Yoakena, I somehow find myself liking the show as it keeps on progressing, even if the main plot point of the story is the cliched “royalty falls in love with commoner from opposing kingdom” type. Perhaps it’s just my nostalgic self longing for this old and well-used genre as I can lie down and enjoy the ensuing drama.

Make no doubts, Yoakena is solidly going along the Feena path, which of course is the main point of the show and it’s doing it well. Tatsuya as the male lead one of the better harem masters I’ve seen (though calling him a harem master is kinda wrong since he’s only interested in Feena actually). Male harem leads should be kinda like him, not too wimpy yet not too gar (like Kyon’ichi). I really find the chemistry that’s blossoming between him and Feena fun to watch. ‘sides, he’s a guy I wouldn’t mind respecting as a King :).

The rest of the cast have their own things going on too, though not much focus is being given to them. Mai and Mia definitely are sisters separated at birth, along with Natsuki too. I /r/ more of Sayaka and Karen too. I just love the Setsuna-ish vibes that are coming from Karen ;). Also, I have to say Jun is really playing out his “pierrot” role very well. Keep up with the chibiness too :)!


  1. deftoned Said,

    November 10, 2006 @ 5:19 am

    ive also been enjoying this series despite it being so cliche and generic, and i find myself wanting to watch this before most of the other series out there except negima, death note, and happiness.

  2. berz Said,

    November 10, 2006 @ 6:11 am

    heahue i wouldn’t mind some kyon’ichi talk on this show ehauehauehuae

    i wonder how much would it change if kyoani got youakena for a remake ehauehaue
    (by saying kyoani i mean we would have more references to laugh and the art would look a lot better =p)
    but if you talk about the whole cliche episode… if they could do it better or not, that’s something else ^^

    fap fap feena !

  3. Passingass Said,

    November 11, 2006 @ 12:44 am

    This show will never be able to topple Tokimeki or Kanon2006, but, thus far it’s holding its own at the top 10 along with Sumomo, Gift and Happiness

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