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Just a short post to boost my e-p0n0s and to tell my loyal readers what I have been up to…

So I just got my third trophy of the game…


Yay Ama 2 Gold!

I swear… it’s just luck. This was like the most perfect game of Wiz Wiz I’ve played. Twin Feathers with 250 drive 4TW!

On a side note… it seems TF hates relaxers. ALL of them failed after I bought TF. Now resorting to Starry’s…orz.

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Otoko nan desu!!


What’s with the “great guy” thing? Aren’t you all just being perverts…

A “WTF?!” episode of Megadere this time, traditional onsen episode etc. etc.

The group is heading back to school, when the reminisce that they hope to have one more fun event before restarting school. This leads to _kaichou-san_ to suggest they go to a nearby _onsen_, which makes Shione worried somehow.

As per tradition, whenever there is _onsen_, there will be:

* A. Lots of steam clouded fanservice.
* B. Peeping Handing shampoo to sister.
* C. Onsen Wars.

…. you can imagine.

So basically, it’s just a filler episode this week, and I must say, the premise of _kaichou-san_ to justify his peeping means is really “wtf?!”, I mean… “giving your sister her shampoo”…  ̄|_( ̄~ ̄;)_| ̄. And Mamoru-kun is so easily influenced…. “Otoko nan desu!!”… lawl…

But I must give credit to the Sudo siblings, they’re really the stars of this episode. This two are really so wacky and fit each other, I’m somewhat jealous of their closeness :P. Plus, Noto Mamiko is doing quite a nice job on Shione too ♥~~. The next episode scares me though… “Onii-sama to issho..”. Yeah, Itsumi is going to be playing a major role it seems. She’s _really_ jealous on seeing the relationship between Mamoru and Ayako.


Neeee~~~ :P

P.S. Still no one subbing it? I guess I’ll just have to hope for Megadere-Fans or something like that to appear then….. orz.

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Fantasia of Reminiscence


A day out together…

… and the sad revelation of Makoto’s real identity….

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Megadere 07 – Mamoru’s a Flasher!


Mamoru meets Ayako near the ski lifts where Ayako presents him with her _tezukuri_ sweater, explaining why she was so busy and tired recently. This causes Mamoru to be even more upset as he had doubted her and couldn’t even present her back with his own gift, since it was broken. Their meeting is interrupted by Emmel-chan and both of them proceed to fight each other, with Ayako finally defeated when Emmel-chan’s followers take Mamoru hostage.

Mamoru rushes to the side of the knocked out Ayako and uses his Beatrice power to wake her up. Energized back, Ayako and Emmel-chan continue their duel, hurtling insults about each other’s loved ones, in Ayako-case, Mamoru and for Emmel-chan, her brother. The duel ends with both getting blown up but Ayako remains the last person standing. Emmel-chan admits defeat and then proceeds to deliver her brother’s message to her.

Afterwards they both return, Mamoru takes a bath and is suprised to see Emmel-chan inside. He finds out that Emmel-chan is the one who broke his gift and she would like to apologise by fixing it. Later, Mamoru presents it to Ayako, to the relief of the passing-by Itsumi, who was planning to apologise to Mamoru about her breaking the present. Emmel-chan later reveals that she didn’t fix the trinket, and it was probably Mamoru’s own powers who did that.

Megadere just keeps getting better and better. Emmel-chan turns out to be quite cute too, but still Ayako-san owns me. There was some serious action this episode, but the humour is still in, especially on the part where Emmel-chan and Ayako-san try to one-up each other on who’s more cooler, Mamoru or Emmel’s brother, ending up with Emmel using the “unable to calculate” modifier, lol.

And Mamoru-kun is a flasher! SHOCK!…


… OK, that was an accident really. But it’s really funny to see Emmel-chan blush, since she’s the “Ruri”-type. Megadere desu ­♥~~~.

P.S. We need more subs for this. The romance part is easy to understand, but the jargon screws me up.

P.P.S. Did I mention we needed more subs for this show?

P.P.P.S. WE NEED MORE SU… ah, screw it.

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A cat is fine too…

Recently, I just discovered a fine cache of Type-Moon doujins and among them were the original “A cat is fine too..” doujin. I must say, it’s one of the funniest doujin I’ve read and I just wanted to share it with those who haven’t seen or read it before. Shiki is awesome!


Shiki decides he can’t take it anymore.

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Megadere 06 – Blushing lolis in male toilets.


Needs more subs, seriously. No, seriously, this show needs more subs. Also, did I mention that this show needs more subs? I should probably also remind everyone that his show needs more subs too.

P.S. : 4th consecutive post today. I am bored. Don’t forget! Megadere needs more subs!

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Kawaii nano desuyo~~


Fall arrives and everyone is in the winter uniform, with the OP and ED updated accordingly to (+10 points). Kana gets into trouble with Takako because of her trademark ribbon, which due to her loli size, looks huge on her, therefore Takako thinks she’s breaking the school’s dress code. However, the ribbon is very precious to Kana, who’s an orphan, as she received it from the headmistress of the orphanage that she grew up in, so the ribbon means a lot to her.

With a suggestion from Shion and Mariya’s help, she submits a formal objection to Takako about her decision, which means the student council has to notify the student body and present the case. Mizuho is troubled on whether to side with Kana or Takako, since she thinks both are not doing anything wrong, while thanks to the attention garnered by the complaint, Kana is bullied by her peers, who thinks that she’s misusing her position as Mizuho’s _imouto_, leading to Mizuho to tick her tormentors off.

At the presentation of the objection to the student body, Mizuho resolves the problem diplomatically, by demonstrating that the same ribbon, worn by him, looks in proportion and asks if Takako would have warned him if she was the one wearing it, to which Takako reluctantly replies no and they win the case, earning the gratitude of Kana-chan. After that, Takako wonders if Mizuho is either her friend or her enemy.


Customary Takako Pic.

Kana-chan centered episode, and I agree with Omni that it’s much ado about nothing, since the ribbon isn’t really that distracting or annoying. Kana-chan is easily my third favourite character in the show, since she manages to be loli-cute but not annoying, which kinda happens a lot with the cute-type lolis.

Takako, unfortunately, plays the “bad guy” in this episode, but then, she’s just doing her own job, like Mizuho says. The ribbon does look huge on Kana, y’know :X. Anyways, her soliloquy at the end is seems to hint on something bigger, but I have no idea what.

Oh, and Shion needs to have more lines… she’s like practically forgotten or something. Also, too bad that Kei-san and Michiko don’t get much airtime due to the episode limitations, especially Kei-san… who’s like a more darker and mischevious Yue :3. Man, she would be such an awesome character.

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Negima! 154 – Go Chiu Rouge!


Admitedly the last two chapters have been somewhat lacklustre to me, but this chapter is really funny desu. Chiu shows off her Artifact’s powers, which basically allows her to manifest herself in the electronic ocean and use _mahou shoujo_ powers. Very fitting. Ample fanservice is back too. It was also fun to see the cyber battles too.

Oh, and Eva makes a long due appearance finally, but it looks like she’ll not be playing a big role in the arc yet. Wonder if she’ll relent and help out for the end boss. Seriously the Chao arc is not that interesting compared to the previous Martial Arts Tournament one. And I’m bored of the _gakuensai_ too…. Only 3 days has passed in the manga since, like what , Chapter 100?

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Gasu-ko <3 Pizza Hut

Code Geass


I’ll have to agree with DarkMirage here, product placement does work. I have an urge for Pizza Hut now, which is only stopped by the fact that they don’t deliver to Cyberjaya, where I stay.Hell, there’s not a single food delivery service here. Seriously, it’s a deserted town…. “Silicon Valley of Malaysia” my arse… OTL. Oh well, I have to raid the supermarket soon anyways.

Anyways, seriously hillarious episode this time round. Lulu’s mask gets stolen by the cat Kira Syaoran Suzaku and Lacus Yuffie saved last episode. My god… he’s pwned so easily, it’s so funny. I wonder if they’re doing this intentionally, XD. And this is the same guy which is going to destroy America Brittania.

Oh… and we need more Kallen plz. Looks like the school already has a KKK(Kitto Kitto Kallen) in place already.

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Nanoha A’s the Comics

A required read for _any_ self-respecting Nanoha fan. It’s more of a behind-the-scenes look and extras of the anime series. Quite a very interesting read, too bad it’s only around 7 chapters in length :x. A big appreciation to the people of I-Jin for translating and releasing this.

A lot of images to follow, 56-k’ers are forewarned.

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