Nande… MISAIRU?!!


Watching your house on fire due to cockroach “extermination” attempts…. priceless.

Holy shit… that was one hell of a overreaction. If I’m ever to host a homestay with a Lunar Princess, I’m bloody making sure my house is rid of cockroaches before they arrive…. paying for the exterminator beats paying for the repair and renovation costs.

Thank god the abysmal art of the previous episode is gone, though I still spotted some patchy moments in this one. Seriously, the chibi parts saved the show, I guess the production team are more proficient at SD mode than normal mode. I’m not complaining about that, but they should make sure the normal parts are drawn better.

But really, this episode was funny _desu_ , mostly thanks to the chibiness and Feena-sama. It was so cute of her to jump in to save the puppy even though she can’t swim herself. But I must ask…. *WHY THE BLOODY HELL THERE IS A WATERFALL THERE?!!* Illogical _desu ne~~_. And the overreaction over the cockroaches…. that was just bloody *ROTFLMAOLOL*. Seriously… I really mean seriously…. going Rambo over them…. and… and… MISSILES?!! That, my friend, is just one heck of an overreaction.

Oh, and I must add… Mai-chan’s dazes are just so goddamned cute and funny _desu_. Chou chou~~ chou chou~~…. kawaii _desu_~~~. Also… is it only my perverted mind, but her “Onii-chan ECCHI~~!!!” spanking of Tatsuya kinda perverted?

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  1. Stripey Said,

    October 31, 2006 @ 1:31 am

    I LOL at Feena’s rescue attempt. It’s a tribute to Jame’s Cameron’s Aliens actually. :)

    Butterfly-mad Mai was sooooo kawaii!

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