Steam-Powered Struggle


And thus… the first Semifinal of this year’s Saimoe kicks off with the Shana vs Suisuiseki round.

Thus far… “Burning Eyes” Shana has been quite lucky on her draws, with the only real challenge to her was her Quarterfinal battle, facing the immensely popular Eri Sawachika from School Rumble.

However, she is facing an extremely strong competition this time, in the form “Angel of Desu” Suisuiseki, who not only defeated popular fellow doll “Junk” Suigintou, but also “The Battleship” Yuki Nagato, once thought of the strongest competitor of this year’s tournament, albeit her Quarterfinal win was in somewhat… ‘contestable’ circumstances. Truly, the green one has earned her “Angel of Desu” title…

So who will win this round and move one step closer to the title of “Sai Moe” this year…. let the voting commence!

P.S. I’m voting for Shana. I’ve had enough of desu.


  1. Xellos-_^ Said,

    October 25, 2006 @ 1:24 am

    Burn Desu Burn

    The Haruhi Brigade will forget this.

    Maki Maki Maki Maki Maki Maki Maki Maki Maki Maki Maki Maki Maki

  2. wontaek Said,

    October 25, 2006 @ 1:58 am

    Passing are coal black horses and sinister people moving with the soul of the guitar.
    And there is the odor of women’s blood blended with salt ‘mid the spikenards so fev’rish in marshland and swamp.
    Death ( Desu?! ) enters, and then the Reaper goes from the taverna.

    The poem that is used for the text of 4th song in ‘Suite de Lorca’ by Einojuhani Rautavaara, titled ‘Malaguena’

  3. deftoned Said,

    October 25, 2006 @ 8:46 am

    Shana vs Suisuiseki… now that’s a tough call for me! :) Might be a toss up for me. Although beating Suigintou and Yuki then beating out Eri, Aruru, and Ana Coppola I think.

  4. Sabas Said,

    October 25, 2006 @ 11:49 am

    Desu must die~
    She took out some of my favorite characters this past season too D:

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