Yappari… onna no ko wa kowai….


Warning: Fangirlism may cause chibiness.

Yeah… Otoboku is definitely yuri for guys, at least for me that is… I can never hope to sit it out alive through either Marimite or IchiPanniku… they take their yuri too seriously for my own liking.

As some have pointed out, Otoboku is awesome not only because of Yui Horie, but also because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I have always liked this type of shows, as it provides maximum entertainment with minimum commitment. What I love about Otoboku is the whole absurd premise, the over-the-top chibiness-inducing fangirlism, the straightforward style of conflicts (Mariya vs Seitokaichou), Shion-sama’s super-sensitive Trap Radar and her combo with Mariya, not forgetting androgynous Yui Horie as well.

Remember people, fap first worry later(ThePaper©), k!

P.S. Fapping does not cause STD’s.

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  1. lolikitsune Said,

    October 16, 2006 @ 12:49 am

    >>they take their yuri too seriously for my own liking.

    Don’t group those two together! One is good, the other shit; it’s blasphemy to group them together! But that aside, most of the fun in Marimite (for a non-lesbian like myself) is how ridiculously over the top their seriousness is. And SP is just not good.

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