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Chupacabra Capers


What. The. Fuck.

Ok… so SHAFT is going on with their own story instead of following the original….. I have mixed feelings about this, since I so want to see the awesomeness of the Kyoto arc given proper treatment, but since that SHAFT is making up their own Pactio system, I guess that not using the original material but instead their own story is better in a way I guess.

Oh well… I shall continue to pray for Kyoto Animation to get the rights for a Negima remake. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll just enjoy Negima?! as it is… but for fuck’s sake…. since when is Evangeline that weak to get possessed?!!!

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Nande… MISAIRU?!!


Watching your house on fire due to cockroach “extermination” attempts…. priceless.

Holy shit… that was one hell of a overreaction. If I’m ever to host a homestay with a Lunar Princess, I’m bloody making sure my house is rid of cockroaches before they arrive…. paying for the exterminator beats paying for the repair and renovation costs.

Thank god the abysmal art of the previous episode is gone, though I still spotted some patchy moments in this one. Seriously, the chibi parts saved the show, I guess the production team are more proficient at SD mode than normal mode. I’m not complaining about that, but they should make sure the normal parts are drawn better.

But really, this episode was funny _desu_ , mostly thanks to the chibiness and Feena-sama. It was so cute of her to jump in to save the puppy even though she can’t swim herself. But I must ask…. *WHY THE BLOODY HELL THERE IS A WATERFALL THERE?!!* Illogical _desu ne~~_. And the overreaction over the cockroaches…. that was just bloody *ROTFLMAOLOL*. Seriously… I really mean seriously…. going Rambo over them…. and… and… MISSILES?!! That, my friend, is just one heck of an overreaction.

Oh, and I must add… Mai-chan’s dazes are just so goddamned cute and funny _desu_. Chou chou~~ chou chou~~…. kawaii _desu_~~~. Also… is it only my perverted mind, but her “Onii-chan ECCHI~~!!!” spanking of Tatsuya kinda perverted?

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What if….



… this happened? Don’t really want to imagine what would happen actually, but damn… best fucking eyecatch in a while. I had to pause there for 5 minutes just to catch back my breathe.

So this episode introduces the supernatural element in Mizuho’s harem, Ichiko-chan, hyperactive ghost and onee-sama lover. I swear, I couldn’t recognise Yuko Goto at all at first watch and I got a shock out of it after reading the staff credits. . Man… she can really rap… well, I’m kinda glad to see Yuko Goto expand her profile.

Anyways, Kana-chan was awesome this episode, not only she didn’t bat an eyelid on the ghost story session, she actually told the group about a real ghost story instead. Hell, she even researched about the story of Mizuho’s room and the dead junior. Plus, she didn’t even get scared when Ichiko appeared and actually went to bed normally.

Takako-chan was cute too, in her short 5 minutes. I loved on how she went all nervous and jittery when Mizuho mentioned about ghosts and tried desperately to hide her nervousness and divert the topic. What can I say, that’s just cute :). Mariya too… she’s getting all jealous on all the attention that Mizuho’s receiving.

Let’s just hope what ever happens in the eyecatch doesn’t really happen in the anime ;).

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And the winner is…

Saimoe 2006

Yes…. desu pwns Fate by 67 votes.

Saimoe 2006

Voting Graph

No.1 2306 votes Suiseiseki@Rozen Maiden
No.2 2239 votes Fate Testarossa@Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

… just came back from Penang by the way… tired ORZ….

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Saimoe Final Match!

Over 3 months…. 300 characters…200 matches….finally the finals of the Saimoe 2006 are upon us…

Saimoe 2006

Fate vs Desu

Remember to vote people!

May the best moe (or the least hated) win!

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The Ribbon Raid Results

Fate easily beats the dreaded Chikaru with a much more comfortable margin than yesterday’s closely contented match…

Saimoe 2006

Voting graph

Saimoe 2006

Fake Votes

Final Result:

Total: 2108 votes casted

No.1: Fate Testarossa@Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha [1472 votes (1754 votes in total, 282 fake)]
No.2: Minamoto Chikaru@Strawberry Panic [1121 votes(1162 votes in total, 41 fake)]

Margin: 351 votes

So this sets the stage up for a similar final as last year’s Saimoe….

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The Ribbon Raid

Saimoe 2006

The second semifinal kicks off with Fate Testarossa fighting against Chikaru Minamoto, right after the advance of “Angel of Desu” Suisuiseki to the finals at a very narrow margin of 42.

Fate, unsuprisingly, has been tipped to proceed to the finals from the start of the tournament, being one of the characters with a major fanbase internationally. She has had an easy breeze throughout the tournament so far, beating “USOOODA” Rena, fellow compatriot (and lover) “White Devil” Nanoha and Eruru.

However, Chikaru of IchiPanniku is not to be underestimated as well, having fought well to rise up to the Semi Finals, taking out Kazumi Yoshida, “Red Queen” Shinku and Rin Tohsaka as well. The IchiPanniku fanbase is definitely not a force to be underestimated at….

Readers of my blog will no doubt be unsurprised on where my votes will go (even with my current curse of voting for the losers) but this can prove to be a very close match in the end….

May the best moe win!

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Steam-Powered Struggle Results

And…. with a fucking close margin….. Desu triumphs over Shana (sob sob sob).

Saimoe 2006

Voting Graph

Saimoe 2006

Fake votes

Final Result:

Total: 2108 votes casted

No.1: Suisuiseki@Rozen Maiden [1471 votes (1746 votes in total, 273 fake)]
No.2: Shana@Shakugan no Shana [1431 votes(1637 votes in total, 206 fake)]

Margin: 42 votes(strangely, I’m halfway through the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy)

Tis’ was a small margin… such a small margin….

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Steam-Powered Struggle


And thus… the first Semifinal of this year’s Saimoe kicks off with the Shana vs Suisuiseki round.

Thus far… “Burning Eyes” Shana has been quite lucky on her draws, with the only real challenge to her was her Quarterfinal battle, facing the immensely popular Eri Sawachika from School Rumble.

However, she is facing an extremely strong competition this time, in the form “Angel of Desu” Suisuiseki, who not only defeated popular fellow doll “Junk” Suigintou, but also “The Battleship” Yuki Nagato, once thought of the strongest competitor of this year’s tournament, albeit her Quarterfinal win was in somewhat… ‘contestable’ circumstances. Truly, the green one has earned her “Angel of Desu” title…

So who will win this round and move one step closer to the title of “Sai Moe” this year…. let the voting commence!

P.S. I’m voting for Shana. I’ve had enough of desu.

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Requiem for the twins…

Black Lagoon

Kirei da wa…. umi….

That…. was singlehandedly one of the most touching scenes in all my journeys throughout otakudom…. the sheer beauty of the scene… the sheer poeticsm of the death of Gretel(or Hansel… but meh)… just really highlights the sheer injustice of this world that we live in….

Of course, we might not meet people like the twins…. but we are definitely able to see such scale of injustice in this world…. that most people would probably not face…. but let us spare a thought over to those unlucky ones, those poor people that suffer in silence over the sheer craziness of this world.

Black Lagoon has definitely earned its place in my heart as one of the more memorable anime amongst the countless others that are and will be out.

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