Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~


My second Hole in One.

Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~. Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~.

Finally, at long last, Kooh-chan comes to PangyaSEA. Goddamned excited about it.

Man… she really is my goddess of luck. In just a few hours of playing her, I managed to get HIO for Silvia Cannon’s Hole 2, in my second ever Hole in One(yeah, yeah pathetic, i know) of all this time playing.

Kooh-chan, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!


  1. DrmChsr0 Said,

    September 28, 2006 @ 10:41 pm



  2. berz Said,

    September 29, 2006 @ 2:22 am

    uehauehau now i’m kinda lost
    i’ve done my upgrades, just have enough for one kooh and a skirt(cos i dont like those pants XD) and a cap heheheh but should i buy it now? XD = buying now means to go back to the 0 pang in the piggy bank =p

    heheheh btw, i was thinking of overpowering her with pwr ^^

    anyway hheheheh after some time u get addicted u can actually do 1~2hios a day =p
    spend a few cookies and get a nice clubset(so that u dont need to do near-lightspeed comand typing for tricky stuff like tomahawkPC) and change that caddie heheheh. pwr+2 is sw33t but doesn’t do much if u can hit well. try bag if u cant get that whitebear or that blackclothed witch(names are different so there’s no use saying their names)

    hueaheua g’luck with those hios hehehe

  3. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    September 29, 2006 @ 11:41 am

    Oh man… Pang Battle mode is damn fun. Easily earned 4-5k from 5 games.

    Man… i so need to get some A-Cash ASAP. Can’t bear to see Kooh-chan running around in a shirt and buruma only.

  4. berz Said,

    September 30, 2006 @ 4:40 am

    heheh i’ve got mine yesterday ^^
    nice mini-skirt cos i’m not into buruma heh

    btw i need to try battle mode too

  5. winsonkoh Said,

    September 30, 2006 @ 1:31 pm

    don’t worry about that~ kooh’s avatar using pangs will be coming soon, hopefully next patch ^^

  6. audtion_groove Said,

    October 4, 2006 @ 1:52 am

    me dun play pangyasea,
    just play auditionsea

  7. Dark Yumi Said,

    May 8, 2007 @ 5:02 pm

    yh same i only play audition ;)

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