“Door to the New World”


Caught up to episode 25 now, and even though the episodes wasn’t as awesome, still there were quite a few shocks and surprises here and there….

(Warning: Massive spoilers ahead)

Like on how the Emerald Ri-Maajon actually is a one shot time-travelling roulette, Dominura and Limone being the ones that actually set off the current chain of events (Time Paradox anyone?), the secrets of the Onashia and Yun becoming her successor, and etc. etc. Man… can’t wait for the final episode tonight to see how it’ll be all capped off. Extremely crazy to think that I actually caught up in the span of 3 days or so, XD.

So far, Simoun is now a strong contender for “Most Awesome Show” this year. I mainly attribute this to the direction it took, being a extremely character driven show. Everyone had almost equal focus upon and none were given too much attention to leave the others forgotten. To prove this point, in the span of just 3 days watching, I’ve remembered all the Chor Tempest’s members names, despite being extremely bad with names lately, and when I think of Chor Tempest, I think of all the members, instead of only recalling a single figure head character.

Ah… well… enough for now. I will leave the rest for when I post on the finale. In the meantime, I can’t bloody stop listening to the OST’s, most notably the “Shin Tenchi e Tobira” tracks of Denen and Tenohira no Melody(which by the way, is too damned short). Oh, and some extra stuff too, the chichikurabe chart and the height comparision chart. Gotta love Limone’s height :). Also, interesting, character popularity chart from episode 11 to 19, in tribute to Mamiina.

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  1. Zzz... Said,

    September 26, 2006 @ 5:55 am

    No surprises there. Their god is “Time-Space”. Ri-maajon’s destructivr energy comes from unfolding of folded space. The pattern to the Emerald/Jade Ri-Maajon is a intricate series of overlapping folds that encloses a pocket of space. It results in a black blot that sucks stuff into it and then collapses into huge quantities of light energy. That’s a black hole and black holes form the basis of wormholes/FTL and time travel. It’s pretty apparent from the 1st episode. But I do like how the rest of the plot unfolded so I’m not complaining. Still don’t like Aeru though.

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