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ITP(In this post), we discuss Negimaru, Studio Kimigabuchi’s 4 volume Negima doujin.

Man… Kimigabuchi really are masters of brain fuck. I am beginning to wonder if they’re somewhat connected to Gainax. Negimaru contains a considerably higher amout of sex than RE-TAKE esp in the first 2 volumes, so reader discretion is advised.

Basically, it’s about Chisame’s alter ego Idol character getting beaten by her fellow classmates in Internet popularity polls so she schemes of a plan to destroy their reputations online by using her ..*ahem*.. cosplay skills. Her plans succeed a little too well, and… let’s just say she gets too involved in her plan. The first 2 volumes are quite carnal, but the last 2 are especially dark and really show off their story-telling and brain-fucking skills.

Oh man… if they can twist Negima in to such states… I’m really looking forward for the rest of their Higurashi doujin, Higurashi no Naka no You ni.


  1. sagematt Said,

    September 2, 2006 @ 2:37 am

    Damn, I just finish reading Negimaru and then while refreshing Tokyo Toshokan I find Higurashi no Naku You ni, and exclaim: “Holy f*ck! They did a Higurashi doujin?!?!?!” I’m so looking forward to reading more of that one (though I hope the next one will have less Satoshi and more K1… kinda unlikely anyways).

    *ahem* Anyways, they are truly masters of mindfuck. I kinda noticed the subtle hints they were giving us, but the way it ended blew my mind anyways (even if it had already been spoiled on 4chan months ago -raw-). Now they should do a Haruhi one ^^

    ps. To those who are only watching the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series (and have not played the visual novel): Do not read Higurashi no Naku You Ni. It basically spoils a very important plot basis on the very first pages.

  2. Aura Said,

    September 3, 2006 @ 2:06 pm

    I’m a fan of their Eva Retake series… truly amazing. *goes to get Negimaru

    Oh, I agree… they would make and EXCELLENT Suzumiya Harui no Yuutsu doujinshi… I think my heartwould stop if I ever heard news that they were doing one on that…

  3. zaft1412 Said,

    September 3, 2006 @ 2:33 pm

    lol, this doujin of negima looks familiar (the artwork) when i first read it. It was then at the bask page i found out that they too produce the azumangah daioh doujin :”Drifting class”. well, they don’t change their style of story-telling huh?(ppl got killed or hurted at the end! XD)

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