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Saimoe 2nd Stage Round 01

Yeah, Saimoe is now in full swing after a very long First stage, with over 200 characters in the race, and the 2nd stage starts today with Group A1 and B1. Group A1 sees Souseiseki up against Mion of Higurashi, while B1 has Ryuuguu “~kana, ~kana?” Rena up against Fate “FEITO-CHAN” Testarossa. Results are….

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Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~


My second Hole in One.

Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~. Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~.

Finally, at long last, Kooh-chan comes to PangyaSEA. Goddamned excited about it.

Man… she really is my goddess of luck. In just a few hours of playing her, I managed to get HIO for Silvia Cannon’s Hole 2, in my second ever Hole in One(yeah, yeah pathetic, i know) of all this time playing.

Kooh-chan, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

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Top wo Nerae! 2 Discussion

Top wo Nerae! 2

For those not in the know, Lunar has just released the final episode to TwN! 2. I’ve already blogged it , so check it out, but it’s based on the raw though.

Following that, I had an interesting discussion on IRC about how some of the stuff in TwN! 2 works which proved interesting enough that I decided to blog it out.

First off,

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Keiichi is a pedo.


Rena lays the smackdown on Keiichi.

Oh. My. God. Keiichi…. my god… I didn’t know…

Ok, now, seriously, I haven’t blogged Higurashi in a while, but man.. 24 and 25 were fucking awesome.

Tsumiboroshi-hen is the Rena version of Onikakushi-hen and tons of info were revealed to us concerning the curse.

First off…. it’s being explained that a unique form of parasites that only live in Hinamizawa were the cause of the curse, causing people to go berserk and attack people. Oyashiro-sama was supposedly the doctor that contained it inside the village, forbidding the inhabitants to leave and outsiders to enter. Then later on, Rena reveals that the parasites are aliens trying to invade Earth, and that the Sonozaki clan are the ones who’ll be trying to spread them all over the world.

Further on, the Sonozaki family discredits the theory by discrediting Takano-san as an occultist lover and made tons of theories concerning the curse. Plus, it seems that the “reset” at every arc happened in the same timelines,with Rika-chan as supposedly the only person who knows of all the events that have happened, with Keiichi realizing his sins as well. Heavy, heavy, awesome stuff. I really hope that Higurashi won’t jump the shark for the last episode.

Thank god for ayyo’s effort to translate Minagoroshi-hen. I’m dying to know of the truth now.

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4 Days of Awesomeness


Kimitachi ni wa… imagoro doku ni iru darou…bokutachi no… eien no shoujo wa…

So thus Simoun ends, as one of the best but underrated shows this year. I have my dislikes about the ending (mainly, because it ends), but overall, still made of awesome and win. Still can’t believe I only started this like 4 days ago, and now, it’s like an obsession, with Chor Tempest adorning my desktop and the OST put on full repeat.

So, taking in the episode’s title to heart, I’m going to present some portraits of the cast members, 10 years in the future.

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“Door to the New World”


Caught up to episode 25 now, and even though the episodes wasn’t as awesome, still there were quite a few shocks and surprises here and there….

(Warning: Massive spoilers ahead)

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Keroro Gunsou

Awesomest episode in a while. Sentai + Ultraman + Godzilla makes for fucking win, particularly for the spoon, which reminds me of that famous (but very, very unrelated) “There is no spoon.”. Where is that from anyways? I never knew. Meme tracking is kinda hard.

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Holy. Shit.

(Warning: Spoiler ahead)

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Ladies…. and Ladies!!


Click for larger version.

I now present to you the official Simoun relationship chart! (God, this chart is just made of blunt truth and win.)

Anyways, I reached episode 13. Yeah, that was a big fuck-up there by Aaeru. I’m like… “OH SHI….!! NOOOO…!!”.

Still, I haven’t find her detestable yet. She somewhat…. does not irritate even when screwing up.

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Utsukushii kereba sore de ii

(I initally wanted to make the title in English, but “Being Beautiful is Enough” sounds weird to me some how)

Now, as I said in my Za Paper post, I’ve started up on Simoun, with some initial encouragement from Jeff :). Initially, I tried watching raw but I gave up after the first episode as I couldn’t endure watching through it’s jargon filled self without guides.

I’m up to episode 09 now, and although I won’t be saying it’s the best show of the year yet, but I find it quite an entertaining watch. God damned trying hard not to get myself wiki-spoiled now.

But man… there really are no guys in that world. Simoun is the only anime so far now that I’ve watched that does not have a single male seiyuu yet. The cast list is really all female. Quite a few surprising roles for some of my favourite seiyuu’s in there which I did not really notice, like Nana Mizuki’s Morinas. And yes, Noto Mamiko’s Limone kinda feels weird at first, but it’s starting to grow on me.

I must say one thing too… Simoun’s theme track, Youen Naru Kizuna Hibiki, is made of accordians(?) and win. And Aaeru is a really awesome character. She carries a perfect balance of tomboyiish stubborness with a mature grace, making her one of the most intriguing and interesting characters I’ve seen in a while that doesn’t try to conform to the current moé stereotypes.

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