Top wo Nerae! 2 Ending.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Truly Gainax ending… truly Gainax ending….you have been warned.

So, TwN! 2 ends with less of a bang I had expected. Following on are my summary of the events in the show, but I didn’t get half the terms, so it’s not going to be correct. Btw, the pictures are a bit shitty so blame the raw as well… Lunar better hurry up with it’s release. Need to rewatch again :P.

The episode begins with a lot of babble that essentially translate to “Oh shit! BM07 is gone and out last hope is Topless “The Star Mover” Lark”. After a last gathering of all the Topless with a picture session, the defense of Earth begins with all the forces holding out and the Buster Machines taking care of the small fry. Btw, is it me or are the small fry reminiscient of Starcraft’s Zerg Queen?

Top wo Nerae! 2

Picture session.

As it turns out, the main plan to wipe out the Space Monster is to use Dix-Neuf to ram Earth, yes, you got it right, EARTH, right in to the monster in the hope (I think) of destroying it all together.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Weapon Earth.

However, the plan is disrupted by BM07 who appears suddenly in her full Diebuster splendour….

Top wo Nerae! 2

Suprise, suprise…

Top wo Nerae! 2

Taa ta ta tata ta tata taa…..(the Buster Machine BGM)

Top wo Nerae! 2

Diebuster appears.

… who proceeds to stop the Earth battering ram.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Lark is frustrated by Nono’s action of stopping her and her desertation and lashes out her anger and sadness to Nono while she stops Earth. Lark’s Buster Machine suddenly stops and it turns out her Topless power has been depleted. Nono proceeds to attack the Space Monster with a Super Inazuma Kick and Buster Beam but fails. The Space Monster proceeds to attack Earth and Nono defends Earth with her Diebuster, while Lark and the rest of the humans watch hopelessly on.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Diebuster attacks….

Top wo Nerae! 2

… but fails..

Lark decides to use the final weapon on her Buster Machine, which turns out to be equiped with the original engines of the Buster Machines. After a change of clothes to the uniform that Noriko used to wear, she unleashes the seal on her engine.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Fanservice time!

Top wo Nerae! 2

Buster Machine 19 sanjou!!

After a round of the infamous “Doryoku to konjou!!” speech to Nono, who bursts out of her Diebuster shell, both of them deal the Space Monster a Double Super Inazuma Kick which finally destroys the Space Monster. However, it leaves a black hole which threatens to go Big Bang (don’t ask me why) and it seems all hope is lost when 2 enormous hands appear and grab the Black Hole, while Nono and Lark have their last conversation in a style reminiscient of Eva’s (I didn’t get anything here), thereafter which Nono disappears together with the Black Hole, thus saving the Solar System.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Reminds you of Eva doesn’t it…

Top wo Nerae! 2

The solar system is saved!

Finally, time jumps to 10 years later and an older Lark climbs up a hill, while conversing with Chika, in preparation to welcome back Noriko and Kazumi to Earth. The End, or more like Gainax End.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Chika 10 years later.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Welcoming the heroes of of past.

And there we have it, the ending of Top wo Nerae! 2. Personally, IMO, there was a bit too much EVA-ist influence into it that I did not like that kinda really detracts from the feel of the show. But overall, it has been a fun and exciting ride for me and quite a chance to sample on Gainax’s better qualities such as overexaggeration on a planetary scale and dramatic build up. If only they could improve their endings a wee bit and have a lesser dependency on Eva for their work :P. And it couldn’t hurt to show at least some shots of Noriko and Kazumi for us :P.


  1. kangbaiyin Said,

    August 14, 2006 @ 9:21 pm

    Super Inazuma Kick >

    no ,it’s ultra Inazuma Kick

  2. Lee YianKun Said,

    August 15, 2006 @ 7:31 am

    Super!! Double! Inazuma Kick!!!!
    is the final attack after all.
    Now proven to be the most powerful attack in the know universe.

    While Nono’s Die(Dai=Great)Buster sets a new record for the bigest robot ever. Now toping at over 3000 kms tall.(as nearly as tall as the Earth!)

    SRW shall never be the same!
    Watch out Ideon! Diebuster is coming at cha!

    I only get the latter part of the show. the earlier parts are filled with dialogues that are too difficult for a gaijin like me to figure out. :P

    It’s fitting that when Noriko tears out her bustermachine’s engine to finalize the attack. Laruku tears to put one back into her’s.
    After putting the OS system’s degenerative engine back in, Dixneuf’s code is renamed to No.19 in Japanese.

    After her task is complete, Nono & the OS system dissolves. Dixneuf now without power goes out as well.

    The ending scene is one that no true fan of the series can deny. As it is what it should be, another perspective of the same event from another generation of heroes.

    I think that the paper crane that Nono gives to Laruku is a symbol of hope. To never give up in the face of odds. And to ask her to say Hi to the heroes of Gunbuster, as she could not have done herself in person.

    Gives even more meaning to why Nono says ‘Cool!!!’ over a simple origami in ep.5, doesn’t it? She was hoping to perfect a ton of those for this purpose, I suppose.

    That is true completion! Gainax has set a new standard again! The original ending music now has twice the zap for the fans. And makes me whip out the original to view over again.

    And remember, this series is suppose to celebrate Gainax 20th aniversary. An EVA homage is to be expected.

  3. Bridge Bunny Said,

    August 15, 2006 @ 1:35 pm

    Actually, Getter Ark is bigger than Diebuster. It can crush a planet in it’s hands. And it’s change getter can displace planets out of plantery ordbit.

  4. Zzz... Said,

    August 17, 2006 @ 7:06 am

    Black holes evaporate (loss mass through release of photons, gravitons, and other exotic particles) at a rate inversely related to its mass. The more mass a BH have lost the faster it will loss its remaining mass. Near the end of its life the black hole will basically be acting like a explosion. This has nothing to do with what happened in the final episode.

  5. Schmorpheus Said,

    August 24, 2006 @ 1:40 am

    Zomg why would they use earth…couldnt they use some other planet like a planet that doesnt have billions of people living on it!

  6. evabuster no.1 Said,

    August 29, 2006 @ 2:19 pm

    Saw it, amazed by it. Total circle here, folks. If gainex makes a box set of this, I’ll be looking for it.

  7. darn Said,

    October 3, 2006 @ 12:28 am

    good stuff. but nono disappeared.. damnit

  8. sj64 Said,

    October 7, 2006 @ 9:54 pm

    The last time we see Nono (#7), she says “Nono will take the singularity that Nonorriri made shine.”
    What does this mean? I would have thought she was talking about herself, except in the LunarAnime sub they kept referring to Noriko from TwN! as Nonorriri. Is she referring to when BusterMachine#3 exploded back in TwN!? And then what does that have to do with the current events?

    Otherwise, I loved this show. It’s hard to compare with the original. I’m almost tempted to say I enjoyed the first series more, back when I watched it all those years ago. …but then again this story was pretty good too and the animation! Oh the animation was just beautiful!

  9. Syaoran Li Said,

    October 9, 2006 @ 9:35 am

    Very funny

    I just finished with Aim for the Top! Is funny because I saw first Aim for the Top 2! And then downloaded the first one; I have to say that I like both of them, especially for all its meaning behind. The mankind fought for their right to exist, to live. And then, Noriko and Kasumi sacrifice everything for mankind… for those who can’t fight, for all those who died in the endless battle. Four planets were destroyed, but Earth stay still thanks to that.

    GAINAX always try to say something with every production they made; and I think the meaning behind these two mini-series was… “Every human being has right to live, to survive, and for that purpose, we need to do everything in our hands to reach that goal, it doesn’t matter if that means to sacrifice everything you got. ”

  10. Sep Said,

    October 30, 2006 @ 12:22 pm

    Personally one of the best if not the best OVA/Show this year. It’s up there with Haruhi and sometimes even surpass it. The art style is beautiful it made me want to gaze up at the stars, something I’ve never done since I was a kid. The VA is phenomenal and the story went is both fun and dramatic sometimes sad. You know what’s going to happen but when it does happen it kinda gets you choked up.

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