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Hellsing Ultimate 02

Hellsing Ultimate

Well.. this took quite some time to come out… but anyways, well worth the wait. I’m not going to post up screencaps though, the action isn’t as awe-inspiring as the first one, even though it’s still good. To put it in a simpler way, the action of the first one can be said as poetry in motion while this one was just purely blunt action and gorefest. Really, this show cannot survive without Alexander’s fanaticsm.

Anyways, this episode starts off with a flashback by Alucard on how he was defeated by someone, probably Van Hellsing and he wakes up from it, laughing it off. The Round Table is convening in the Hellsing Manor and meanwhile Walter, Ceras and Alucard are in the basement, checking out their new armaments in the form of Alucard’s new 13mm “handgun” and Ceras’s 30mm Halkonnen cannon. Man… they really have the coolest guns.

Outside, the Valentine brothers march up the entrance and take out the guards, initiating a full-scale invasion of the Hellsing Manor using the Ghoul army. They overpower the internal human security forces easily and all that’s left is to attack the meeting room. Yan Valentine leads the march up to the meeting room while the other brother, Luke heads off to face Alucard.

In front of the meeting room, Walter and Ceras face off the Ghoul army, and Walter shows off his 1337 _shinigami_ skills, while Ceras easily annihilates the Army with her Halkonnen. But a second wave of Ghouls appear, consisting of the previously human security forces of the Manor and Yan manages to invade in the meeting room but he is weakened greatly and goes down in a hail of bullets. Ceras is attacked by the Ghouls as she can’t bear attacking her ex-comrades and goes berserk after a while, defeating them.

The other Valentine brother (oh, how I pity him), faces off Alucard and seems to be in the upper hand, but Alucard releases his powers and easily defeats him, pissed off at his grovelling right before his death. Upstairs, Integra questions Yan who says he can’t reveal anything due to the chip in his head and explodes in flames, managing to utter the keyword, “Millenium” before being reduced to ashes. The episode ends with Integra guessing it’s Hitler and of her attending the funerals of her former security team.

True to their word, Hellsing Ultimate is following the manga exactly and it’s a joy to see such faithfulness to it’s original material as even the humourous scenes are kept exactly similar to it’s manga counterparts. This episode covers the manga’s Volume 2 chapters up to the 1st 10 pages of the 5th chapter, so the next OVA will be covering the parts of Integra’s meeting and Alucard’s trip to Brazil hopefully.

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Zero no Tsukaima

No, that’s not roasted rice cakes, it’s jealousy… yes… jealousy I have towards Saito, being the lucky sod he is…

Not only does he get bath together with Siesta, he also did it rotenburo styled _and_ got thanked for it. Just right after that… he gets a confession of love from a lusty (albeit drugged) Louise. Man… I’d so like to kill him… the bloody bastard.

Right now, the fella is in my “List of Legendary Harem Leads” alongside Kyon-kun and Rin, purely for the awesomeness of his situation he was trapped, or should I say, summoned to. Well, no one would really put him in the Bounty List, he’d be so awesome that he’ll be listed as “Bounty Hunter” instead of “Bounty.

Oh, and is it ironic or pure coincidence that this picture appeared right after this one when I browsing through my screencaps folder?

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Oh man… it’s so good to see that NHK ni Youkoso is still not failing after this long… but still it might… it might,, with Gonzo as it’s helm…. I’m still keeping my reservations. So far, I”m enjoying all those surrealistic situations of Satou’s imaginations like this episode’s seat ejection sequence and (somewhat becoming a meme between me and a friend) his “dreams” of apple-stabbing knives, serpants and revolvers. Makes me appreciate Freud very much.

Still… everytime I watch NHK, it does make me depressed… mostly because it just reminds me of how pathetically similar I am to Satou at some aspects….. I do wonder if NHK evokes such emotions in other viewers as well..

Somehow, this episode… I can see myself a few years later, in the same situation and desperately calling my friends(if I still have any) to help me masquerade as my boss and my lover(this is probably impossible). Hope I don’t have to resort to asking them to crossdress. That would be so wrong and I probably wouldn’t be able to live it through it too.

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I’m trying out GTalk now since it just got updated with file transfers and stuff and I intend to make it replace my hopelessly useless Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. For those using, please add me in at kur0gan3 at gmail dot com (my blog’s email).

If anyone wants a Gmail account, drop me an email, I still have 100 invites to use it.

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It’s “TWO bedrooms”, not “two-bed room”…

Hachikuro II

This must be one of the craziest Hachikuro episodes, with both ends of the spectrum covered, from Hagu-chan’s injury to Mayama’s… well… stalkerism. Well, Mayama has always been my favourite of the three guys, mostly because I think because I will end up like him, or can you say, attraction between similars?

But well, after that short part on him… it was quite shocking to see the tragedy that befell Hagu-chan this episode, and also Kaoru’s successful take over of Floyd’s company and subsequent breakdown. I won’t comment much on that though, since I don’t feel like it, so let’s end this post with one of Mayama’s gems of wisdom :).

Hachikuro II

I bid Mayama and Rika happy days ahead :).

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Pirate Lolis 4TW!!

I confess, I have not been in the mood to update my blog recently and I have the perfect excuse for it…. Pangya. Whoever created this game must be a moé genius or something with the creation of the masterpiece that is Kooh. I mean, c’mon… pirate + loli + goth + _tsuinteru_ = nosebleed-inducing moé.



So anyways, since the sucky PangyaSEA Season 2 doesn’t have her yet ( we’d only got Quma and Medieval Set as the “Season 2” upgrade, bleh), I’m taking a stab at Albatross 18, thanks to kozu. If anyone’s interested to match up, PM “antivirus” on PangyaSEA or “Yurikago” on A18.

On a sidenote, my life is suffering thanks to this…

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Gothloli Faptime Show fails…

Immediately after episode 2, CRS has really experienced a downward spiralling trend in good and a very upward, almost horizontal trend to suckiness. I’m too lazy to type, but I’ll post some Anonymous truth.

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)11:58 No.851577

this episode made me realise how boring the animation and directing is. you have all the good elements there, good designs, characters, music, but it just doesnt flow well

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)12:00 No.851580

I know what you mean!
That it has all the right ingredients makes the failure even more frustrating…

Quoted for truth.

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)13:02 No.851721

Has Chelsea died yet? I stopped watching the show beyond episode 2 because of her.

Angelica and Oppai-chan should really be the main characters instead…

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)14:23 No.852001

I really don’t see why they had Franca escape. It would have kept some tension in the plot. Mister makes a big deal about a promise, but the fact is he didn’t do a thing to rescue her, she got out on her own, albeit ridiculously.

It is really mindboggling how close and yet so far this anime is to being awesome. I’ll probably keep watching, but without much hope.

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)14:31 No.852048

Yeah, I think that was the moment absolutely all tension in this show was destroyed. We spend most of the episode setting up this situation and Deus Ex Machina ends it in thirty fucking seconds. And we all know that Mister isn’t going to die from his wounds because he’s got major Plot Armor; if he DOES die it’s going to be in the final episode and I doubt they’ll even do that.

ufotable fails it when they’re not sticking with what they’re good at – batshit insane comedy.

>> Anonymous 08/16/06(Wed)15:41 No.852403


Plot armor is when you can hijack a fighter plane ( in flight ) have a passenger on your lap use foot pedals and a stick with no seat restrains at all to pull anime only g-turns wile a couple of thousand rounds miss you then you toss one short burst and boom one enemy dies.. two.. three… THEN when it is convenient for the plot your wounded and can only watch the bad guy ramble on about their plot for universal domination…

Again, Anonymous speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.

When Katana said “Wow, we have good timing!”, that was the biggest understatement of the year.

Fucking seconded.

ufotable, please don’t let this go on =.=….

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Negima OVA Preview

SHAFT OWNS! SHAFT has just been elevated to the “Great Studios” list in me. I literally went high when I saw the OVA preview. Not much description to give apart from it covering the Southern Island filler in the manga chapters.

So all my fellow Negima fans, let us all start a petition for SHAFT to remake the whole series to make justice for it’s win. And while we’re at it, let’s push for a law to forbid XEBEC to touch any more of Akamatsu-sensei’s works.

Screencap orgasm to follow. 56k’ers are advised to be prepared. 3.5 MB of pics are following and I’m not kidding. A lot of thanks to frequent visitor, meganeshounen for helping me caption the screencaps.

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Top wo Nerae! Movie Premiere Date Announced

Just checking up on news right after the post…

8-13-06 (8:32PM EDT)—- Gunbuster Movie Premiere
The Tokyo Anime Center will host the world premiere of Gainax’s Top O Nare Movie on October 1. The screening will occur in the facility’s Akiba 3D Theater. Nationwide distribution will follow. The official title is “Top Wo Narae 2! & Top Wo Narae! Gattai Gekijouban” (united theater version).

Darn, want to watch it :P. Although I already know it’s a recap of the both the series’ events, I’m just hoping for maybe new footage or stuff.

Also, somehow, I feel a little lacking in me right now after watching the ending…

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Top wo Nerae! 2 Ending.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Truly Gainax ending… truly Gainax ending….you have been warned.

So, TwN! 2 ends with less of a bang I had expected. Following on are my summary of the events in the show, but I didn’t get half the terms, so it’s not going to be correct. Btw, the pictures are a bit shitty so blame the raw as well… Lunar better hurry up with it’s release. Need to rewatch again :P.

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