Petopeto-san Wrapup.


Not exactly the best anime yet still not the worst anime I’ve seen. Admitedly, the idea and the setting were quite good, unfortunately to be marred by the “WTF?” writing and story progression.

Well, I guess the good things and the bad ones were in the correct balance in Petopeto-san so that I could enjoy it until the end, although not before having some of my braincells about to get killed. To be honest, the writing felt really haphazard and looks as if it was written with any much plan to it, most notably the parts about the Imoten and for the character developments of the cast. The ending also suffered and I was really struggling to grasp the logic of it…. but oh well…

The best parts about Petopeto-san is undoubtably the setting of having monsters and humans coexist, which could’ve made quite an interesting concept to sell. This is backed up with the extremely well designed characters, ranging from the extremely cute and moé Petoko, the slient Nuri and honourable mention goes to Chochomaru and Kuguru, for what must be the sexiest kappa shimai in anime-dom. One could say I watched it purely for the winnage that is the both of them ;).

Another saving grace of the show is probably the seiyuus. Kana Ueda really does a very good and cute Kansai-ben with Petoko. Other notable seiyuus in show for this series is Ayako Kawasumi as Kanna and Chiwa Saito as Chie, but apart from Kana Ueda’s performance, there isn’t any much to say about the rest of the seiyuu’s.

In conclusion, Petopeto-san had a nice idea, setting and characters, which was unfortunately counter balanced with bad writing and story planning. Still an enjoyable watch though, if for the “WTF?!” hillariously less than logical moments and plan points (coughimotencough). Also a good watch for Kana Ueda fans as well.

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  1. Mohammad Said,

    July 19, 2006 @ 2:20 am

    While I don’t agree with you on the bad writing bit, I still think it’s great that you actually gave this show a try.

    The waeknesses of the show only started to appear near the end and even then it wasn’t as bad as you put it.

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