Summer First Impressions: Sha..Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima

A very blantantly Harry Potter rip off setting and the Shana-esque voice cast is the distinguishing feature of this show. I mean… doesn’t the whole *tsukaima* summoning scene looks just like the first Quidditch class in Harry Potter 1? And man… everytime Louise speaks, I see her hair turning all red and her cape looks more like jacket. She’d only need to go “Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!” for the transformation to be complete.

Still.. there are differences… on like how Louise is the most untalented magician in her class and how she just blows everything up. Her classmates are also interesting to watch if for the dark skinned witch who seems to be screwing around with half the class, hope her pregnancy test involves less than 30 people. And not to forget… the extremely perverted headmaster and his secretary, who reminds me of a certain *taichou* and *fuku-taichou* from Bleach.

Plot doesn’t seem to have established itself yet, and one wonders will they go to the saving the world from other-dimensional beings or even vanquishing an evil sorcerer who has conquered death in an unorthodox manner or even better, harem romance comedy drama! Well… time will tell, I guess… time will telll.

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