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Hayate OVA


By now, word should be all around that the new Nanoha project announced is a Hayate OVA. Which is good for me, since I think development wise, Fayt and Nanoha are pretty much done enough. What I seriously wanted to see is more Hayate and her _kishidan-tachi_. Hayate x Viita x Signum 4TW!

Seriously, I hope there’ll be some real kickass action from Hayate-chan this OVA. We only got a teaser glimpse of her powers in the 2nd last episode of A’s, and it does seem she has the potential to rival the “White Devil” herself. It would be like having chocolate cake without the chocolate if that doesn’t happen :P.

I will forever worship them if they manage to slip in a Hayate cosplay-raping the _kishidan_ ala Chiyuri style.

Extra post, just because Signum is too awesome…


Hayate/Stay Night

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Tsubasa Catch-up….

Tsubasa : Reservoir Chronicle

Spot the real Syaoran!


Just caught up with the latest chapters of Tsubasa, after stopping halfway through the Piffle Race arc due to lack of sources and disillusionment with the anime. I must say… CLAMP really went crazy this time.

(Spoilers after this)

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My faith was not placed in vain…


Oboro screws the twins!!

Best fricking Utawarerumono episode ever. My faith in the twins have not been placed in vain, muahahahahaha.

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Gothloli twincest? *nosebleeds*

Is it me, or is Full Metal Panic getting more and more moé with every medium adaptation it gets?

Let’s see, in the original Owaru Day by Day novel, the assassin twins under Gauron were 2 guys and were pretty much cannon fodder. However, KyoAni, being KyoAni, changed those two to become the infamous twincest couple in The Second Raid and like totally made a new moé zokusei for us otakus. And now, reading up on the manga version, FMP! Sigma…. OMFG! The mangaka made the twins gothloli as well….. /intense nosebleed/.

FMP! Sigma

Gothloli Twin 1?

FMP! Sigma

Gothloli Twin 2?

Not only that, the manga also makes Blueno, the Mithril traitor a sexy bitch and a lesbian nontheless, for maximum impact. So we get this abosuletely hawt scene of Mao almost engaging in girl on girl action.

FMP! Sigma

Mao sexx0red.

I so need to get more of the gothloli twincests. They were the hawtest thing in The Second Raid and my god, now they’ve made them gothloli as well… /me overloads.

Oh, and in before “SAUCE!” flood, here(Please note the hyperlink). Kudos to you good people over there.

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Mayama is scary >.<...

Hachikuro II

God… he really is a stalker. I don’t really know whether to be happy or to be scared with him, but well, he did it with good intentions.

So, for the Mayama x Rika fans, this is _the_ episode. Finally, Mayama makes his move to Rika and confronts her about her intentions to die after completing all of Harada’s projects. Hopefully, he did made Rika change her mind for real (she could’ve faked the email, since ol’ Mayama revealed his stalker self :), and I hope for a good ending between those two.

Rika’s past is revealed a little here, like how she had a dog, and she might’ve probably suffered as a child, based on what Harada says(or it’s a mistranslation). It’s only a small assumption though, and I might probably be wrong.

Hanamoto-sensei’s past is also told a little as well, basically touching on why Moon River became Rika’s favourite song, and how he and Rika dealt with Harada’s death. It is quite correct that he was something like a third wheel in their group and I was quite shocked at his revelation that he almost tried to push Rika off a building, explaining why they rarely see each other.

Next, we jump back to Yamada and Nomiya again. It seems that J.C. Staff will be resolving all the threads with this 13 episodes.

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Negima 142

Operation Save Our Springfield is put in to action this chapter, with some interesting developments :).

Negi’s Harem Rescue Team springs in to action.

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Negima 141

Another exciting chapter, both in action and fanservice.

The start of another exciting battle. Fire and Water combo start.

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Twin Meidos 4TW!


They _seriously_ need more screentime. I LOL’ed at the elephant. Wonder are they are yuri as well. Twincest needs more people in it’s category.

Oh, and pigtails Haruhi 4TW. But she kinda looks like Himawari from xxxHolic a bit.

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Go! Go! Yamada Defense Force



Seriously, the unicorns crack me up. Seems like J.C. Staff loved the surreality theme for this episode, haha. Oh and Yamada’s sleeping face really is cute.

After exploring Mayama x Rika last episode, Yamada is the focus this week with Nomiya coming back to play a role in this ever-tragic love triangle. Potrayed as the playboy type last season, he is coming into terms with his own immaturity and ignorance, ironically thanks to Yamazaki’s accidentally insightful views this episode, by realizing that his reluctance to be involved with Yamada is actually a sign that he loves her instead.

Over on the other side, Rika has a very disturbing development this episode however, with signs pointing to what might be an eventual suicide. She clearly hasn’t lost any of her love towards Harada-kun and we’ve already known that she’s still running Harada Designs to complete the projects that she and him have taken on while still together. The art museum project is proven to be their last and final project, symbolic of Harada’s dreams, and I would wish for her to continue on living after that. It does seem so that Mayama has noticed something from her as well…let’s ignore his stalkerish activities here… and next episode points to another Mayama x Rika episode. I would hope that Rika will be able to find the will to live on by the end of this series.

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Bon Odori 2006

This post shld’ve went up earlier but due to the delay in getting the photos… so meh…

So basically, Bon Odori is the Japanese summer festival (yes the one in animes) so it was a food and yukata extravaganza. Quite possibly the closest I’ll get to Japan anytime soon :P. Being an annual event and one of the only big Japanese events in my country, the gathering of both Japanese and locals to enjoy it was humongous.

I went with EMiNA, my uni’s anime club(and one of the only ones in the country :), with my fellow EMiNA’ians. Reached there quite early (15 mins before the gates open) so we had to wait a while. After the gates opened, I instantly “attacked” the food stalls and spent almost RM60 there :P. Needless to say, I had my fair share of _sushi_, _yakisoba_ (no LOLFANG-tan or Mikuru to serve it though) and other random Japanese food.

After filling up my stomach, me and a bunch of friends went to loli picture hunting. With yukata-clad girls abound, who isn’t tempted to? My biggest regret was that I don’t have a camera to bring to this event :P. Hopefully, I’ll have one next year :).

250+ pics later, we joined in for the final dance session (there’s 3 in total that evening) to burn off the excess calories and just generally have fun. The dances are a nice place to get into “accidents” quite hard but fun at the same time. Bon Odori ended after that and we all left, feeling quite happy and tired.

Pic spam to follow, so 56k’ers beware. Credit goes to lee-kun and Cholic for allowing me to use their pics.

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