Live A Live

The awesome Haruhi translation team has done the “Live A Live” chapter translation over at their site.

Reading halfway through it has already given me at least 10 moé overloads and LOL’s, no thanks to the extreme pervert and sarcasm god that is Kyon. I and him need to meet up someday. Or maybe not. I haven’t been this close to man love since Hazumu.

So, of course, I can’t wait for the awesomeness of Mikuru and LOL FANG-tan’s(she needs her own series dammit!) waitress uniforms, of which the original image from the novels graced the screens of my PC monitor for a long long while. But the other attraction would be for a certain someone performing on stage. Not only that, the character development, which I have mentioned to be very screwed right now thanks to the episode shuffling, of that certain character is there as well. Sunday come sooner please.

P.S. : I have gotten myself spoiled on a brief synopsis of the Haruhi novels until Vol. 6. Do not, I repeat, **DO NOT** go get yourself spoiled as well. I am already banging my head on the wall for my utter inabilty to read moonspeak. Tanigawa Nagaru is a genius.

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  1. Tess Said,

    June 15, 2006 @ 2:54 am

    I agreee Tsuruya should have her own series. She’s my deffinate favorite in Haruhi.

    But I can see her leading a similar role to what we see Haruhi as… Not really paying attention to the details around her and instead of molesting Mikuru she’d be laughing. Everywhere.

    Maybe it would work as an SD mini series, similar to Shana-tan. That would be so adorable.

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