Grimoires anyone?


Demonbane might not be the best anime this season, but it does score in one thing thus far, which is the embodiments of the grimoires in the show, notably Al-Azif, or better known as the Necronomicon, and the newly appeared Pnakotic Manuscripts. Not only it seems that they are freakingly cute and are made of win in their gothic lolita outfits, they also have a chibi mode that would only be matched by Shana-tan herself. In fact, /r/ Shana-tan and Al-Azif appearance together, even doujins are fine too :).

So far, I can already see future polls about it, going on the lines, “Which is your favourite grimoire? A. Al-Azif B. Pnakotic Manuscripts C. The King in Yellow(or the next grimoire to appear).”

But that aside, it does have an equal amount of fail accompanying, no less than the stereotypical weak-ass protagonist that actually has hidden powers and learns to use them over the course of the show. The mecha CG is also not really to my liking and it really seems to be made to appeal for the fanboys.

I did liked the concept of seeing Kuro in his mecha getting beaten up nicely by the Last Boss who appeared in this episode (which I honestly thought that he will not be named), but the execution does leave much to desire. Meh, maybe I’m just a bit too picky :P.

Still.. I guess I’ll keep on with Demonbane, no thanks to the winnage of the characters, or more precisely the character designs (damn… gothloli *tsunderekko* madousho’s with cute chibi modes… how the hell you’re gonna resist that?). Hope the story does get better later on.


  1. Lina Said,

    June 4, 2006 @ 8:14 am

    Hadoh Ruri does it for me, but if I had to pick out of those two, I’d pick Al-Azif… For some reason I prefer the lighter colors.
    It’s a shame episode 3 won’t be airing until the middle of June (?)

  2. T_I Said,

    June 6, 2006 @ 8:26 pm

    My favorite magical tome?

    The Tome of Night Sky, of course. Also known as Book of Darkness and most recently, Reinforce.

    2nd would be …. errr. I dunno…..

    although, Marco was quite amusing in Shakugan no Shana..

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