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Just… one…more…turn…

Been playing Civ IV…. I finally remember why I shld be slapped with a restraining order not to go within 100m or 6 clicks away from acquiring a game….. I think I’ve only had 7 hours of sleep combined in the past few days, coupled with having to go to uni and all…. _|-|0””’…

As for anime-ing…. I’m eagerly awaiting for Oharuhi 14 of course, and on the new season side, it’s Tsuyokiss (thanks to ayyo’s incredible Tsuyokiss teasers) I’m hyped about, though I have a nagging feeling it might not be worth the hype. Others include, Hachikuro II, NHK ni Youkoso (which I’ve seen the promo art and fucking orz’ed because Gonzo’s -butchering- doing it) and…. hmm… shld be all there I guess. Fall season is always the more exciting one anyways.

So well.. for those still sticking around with me… here’s an offering to you all…

Lolis in snow!!”

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Trap Trap Time


Have you ever had a Bridget moment?

Let me say it first, I am not exactly a “one really confused Dori and Gura fan”. I voted fully on the realization of who they really are and I’m not exactly proud of it. Still… among the Utawarerumono characters, it seems that they’re the only ones I like among the girls… of which the rest are, somewhat lacking in moe factors. But then again, I’m not exactly crazy on Utamono as well… it’s just that if I had to choose a favourite characters from that series, I’d choose those two.

Of course… a Dori and Gura post must have the song, _the_ song.

The Sperm Song

The Sperm Song

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Melancholy: In The Case of Suzumiya Haruhi

Suzumiya Haruhi

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.

The second to last episode of Suzumiya Haruhi and those expecting an episode on the lines of Live A Live would be devastated. Yet still, this is one of the more important episodes of Suzumiya Haruhi, mainly for the fact that the reasons for Haruhi’s eccentric actions is explained clearly here.

Personally, I have experienced first-hand before what Haruhi has said in this episode as there was a time before anime where I’d start thinking about completely normal stuff and then my mind’s tends to wander and soon, I’d be asking questions like Haruhi did. Asking the same existentialism questions as Haruhi does put you in a state of high melancholy, and is why I think the series’ name is aptly thought off.

This episode gives a very deep insight into Haruhi’s personality and her actions stem from her questions about herself and the meaning of life. The english saying, “There Is A Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity” is undoubtly suited for her as she has proven herself to be a talented person from the earlier episodes, and we can see here that Haruhi is definitely much more than just a costume-rapist and a UFO freak.

While Haruhi provides an explanation for the source of her melancholy and her actions, it is Itsuki who reveals the true inner feelings of Haruhi’s current self, struggling against her desire to have “fun” (the id) and the common sense indoctrined in to her (the superego), explaning the reason of such ludicrous situation of which she is in right now, being surrounded by the very people she is desperately trying to meet, yet clueless about their existance at all. In a sense, Haruhi is just a very smart, yet insecure person, facing a constant battle among her id of which the Shinjins are an appropriate representation, and her superego which is Itsuki’s Organization, ironically generated by her own desires.

Development aside, the episode offers almost no fanservice to normal hot-blooded otakus apart from seeing how cute Haruhi was when she was a kid (she needs her long hair back) , but it does have a large dosage of Itsuki and Kyon interaction which will undoubtly be welcomed among the Itsuki x Kyon camp. KyoAni’s level of detail does not fail to surprise me as throughout the taxi ride, the traffic conditions of the road are accurately done and viewers can notice the cars overtaking each other and such. The next episode will be last of the current season and I hope will be able to lift down the curtain on the first season nicely.

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Canvas2 Wrap Up


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A self discovery…

I must be a sadomasochist of some sorts. Here I am at 4am in the morning, modifying my blog’s layout, when I’ve promised a friend meet with him at 10am tomorrow. I have less than 5 hours to sleep now. Dammit… why couldn’t I have done this.. like 12 hours earlier. Only now I have the damned motivation to do this. Now my tabs in Firefox are the WordPress Codex about comment arguments and upgrading to ver. 2.0. Yes, my WP is still stuck in 1.5.

Anyways, in the last 3 hours or so, I’ve hacked in some new things into my CSS by virtue of copypasta from other random sites. Please do not sue me and accept this humble offering from me:

Yusuke Shiba


I’m still thinking of ideas on how to improve the site. Oh dear loyal readers, do offer you suggestions and opinions :).

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Crotchkicks are the best revenge

Kyou no 5 no 2


Kyou no Go no Ni Ni-gakki is out. Less funnier than the 1st episode but just as lolicon material, heck, this is bordering on pr0n. Nonetheless, worth a watch. There were 5 parts this time as usual and each gets progressively more ecchi. There’s also more emo facial contortions in this one OVA than 4 episodes of Higurashi :).


– The crotchkick revenge
– Kouta getting caught in the infirmary.
– Aihara’s ear bites.
– The tickling battle. I almost came.

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Gosurori 4TW!


Up to episode 20 of Canvas2 already. I think if I had to choose a favourite character in the show, it would be Tomoko, courtesy of her 4TW gothloli outfits. Too bad we don’t get to see too much of it. The utter highlight would be her gosurori swimsuit. Damn, I’d hit it. Hard. /r/ more of her gosurori outfits.

But watching Canvas2 up to this point now, I realise that earlier comments have been correct. It is kinda… no, actually, extremely irritating seeing Hiroki and Kiri’s relationship development. As correctly put, those two are really acting a like a pair of *shogakusei*. God damned it, Hiroki, accept her already!!! It’s so annoying to watch you keep on rejecting her.

Yet, still, I do understand his feelings a little. Inferiority complex is way in his mind I guess, considering the circumstances. I’ve… arguably experienced that so I get what he is at. I just pity Kiri for having to take the initiative.

4 more episodes to go. Wow, I sure watch things fast.

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Colorful… desu ne…


For no reason, I picked up Canvas2 to watch after finishing off Banner of the Stars. Only 4 episodes in, but I’m finding it especially enjoyable. I had initially shrugged it off as generic harem when it was aired since a certain red-haired loli and white devil was my focus that time, but I myself proven wrong now and it’s more of a romance harem instead.

What I like about it is most probably that none of the characters for now are being portrayed as perfect, as everyone has their own problems which comes into play as the main focus of the stories as they deal with it with the help of one another, for instance Hiroki going for a date with Hagino to help her in her novel writing and Elis advising Misaki to give her confidence.

The humour of the series is also very nicely done in and aren’t 95% fanservice humour, typical of harem animes. Instead, the element of moé comes into play a lot here, most notably in the episode previews done by Elis and Hiroki who discuss about the *moé zokusei* of characters in focus the next episode. I’m actually spending time to watch the previews, of which I rarely ever do when I marathon series.

Looking forward for the rest of the storyline for now. I haven’t picked a favourite yet, as everyone is kinda appealing in their own manner. For those who’ve watched, no spoilers plz :).

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Banner of the Stars

Seikai no Senki

There needs to be more of this show, seriously. I need my dose of Admiral Spoor and the Bebaus brothers.

Banner of the Stars has lesser focus on Jinto and Lafiel compared to Crest, but it makes it up for the introduction of a host of new characters, most notably the hillarious Bebaus brothers and the enigmatic Crown Prince, Dusanyu. I greatly enjoyed the bantering of the Bebaus brothers and Dusanyu’s Spoor-esque teasing of his 2nd in command, Keneesh. The whole dialogue of this characters is purely work of a genius.

As for Lafiel and Jinto, their relationship at the beginning has somewhat reverted to what we call as a “grade school” type. It does slowly grow over the series especially at the end of the SnSII and in SnSIII, but it kinda becomes a bit boring.

Instead they are somewhat overshadowed by the other characters, the crew of the Basroil, Samson, Sobaash and Ekuryua. Samson is the typical older “good” oyaji-type character, Sobaash is the trap *bishounen* and Ekuryua is a funnier and bold, aloof type. It’s funny seeing her making passes at Jinto with her ice-cold expressions and right in front of Lafiel, creating some kind of a funny “war” going on. She cracks me up even more in SnSIII, with her flying. Let’s just say flying is Ekuryua’s greatest turn-on.

So now, let’s all hope for more of the anime, if only to resolve the important questions such as, “What is the Abh hell?”, “Which Bebaus brother did Keneesh was involved in?” and, most importantly, “What are the eating customs of Midgart?!”.

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Dear Oharuhi-sama….

Today was a totally shitty day. I had started off this day with a good note by being actually waking up early for class today in order to make amends for my lateness yesterday caused by your gospel. I reached class 15 mins early and happy that I had made it in time, only to wait for 30 minutes to discover that the class was cancelled, and so was the class right after that.

Unperturbed, I proceeded to a room hunt but I had to kill off 3 hours to meet the contact person, which I spent getting mindfucked, thanks to abq. After a long mindfuck, I called the person in charge as he was late and it turns out the rooms were all rented out _|-|0”’.. dammit, can’t you fucking call to notify me?

So after a total waste of 3 hours doing mostly nothing meaningful, I set about to return home. The “efficient” public transport made me wait a whole hour until it started to rain, with 3 buses actually not picking up any passengers for no freaking reason.

Upon reaching my destination, the train station, the train was on time and I thought I would be able to reach home soon. However…. soon I was proven wrong and I arrived at my stop to find myself trapped in a veritable storm. From there, another 2 hours was spent on the “efficient” public transport just to reach home, making a grand total of 6 hours, no, 7 hours wasted on just about nothing.

Oharuhi-sama….. where thou art blessings? I want to cry T_T.

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