Sakura no Natsu…..


Ah yes…. I have been skipping out on my blogging lately….. IRL, I’ve just finished my foundation program in Melaka, so now I have a 2 week break before I start with my degree program back in Cyberjaya…. assuming I (by some incredible miracle) *somehow* do not flunk any of the tests I took…. In fact…. I barely recall my exam time, mostly because I was too preoccupied by GTA.

Well, so what have I been up to? Basically, just watching anime. Not only did I finish off (again!) all the Full Metal Panic anime, a recent post of mine reminded me of the fact that I haven’t watched one of the more classic anime titles of recent times, Card Captor Sakura.

Now, in midst of a marathon of the series…. I now know why Sakura-chan elicits such worship and praise, from fangirls and lolikons alike. She is definitely extremely sweet, yet still has her quirks as well… only 20 episodes in, and I’m pretty much enraptured by her already.

So far, she’s delaying my plan to write an extensive opinion on moe, which I popped into my mind during the english test, of all places. I _assure_ my readers that I did not write anything about moe for the essay part….. or maybe I did…..=.=….hopefully not. Stupid GTA:SA. So anyways… till I finish marathoning another 50 episodes and 2 movies, hoe ;).


  1. TL-chan Said,

    May 31, 2006 @ 2:52 am

    I’ve been re-watching CCS lately. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. It’s one of the few ridiculously-hyped series that deserves all its hype.

  2. Asuka Said,

    May 31, 2006 @ 10:40 am

    Funny enough, I’ve been rewatching CCS as well. Can’t ever get over the cuteness!

  3. hanve Said,

    May 31, 2006 @ 11:37 am

    I know this is off topic so I’m apologizing in advance. That aside Kurogane are you in MMU? If you are can you please tell me if there is broadband connection and how you downloaded anime in Melaka as I’m going to go ther for my foundation. I tried e-mailing you but your address was incomplete. You can delete this after you read it. Thanks.

  4. Ninghua Said,

    May 31, 2006 @ 5:57 pm

    Ah…. Card Captor Sakura. The only anime series IMO that has and will withstand the tests of time and tide and hyped-up anime. Weirdly though, why is everyone rewatching CCS at a time of exams? *bad boy! Watching CCS in an exam*

    Maybe its because its one of those timeless anime that will never age. The cuteness. Or the art. Or the music. Or the SxS relationships. What I know, its 1.0×10^99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times than looking at a couple of Haruhitards;

    BTW Kurogane, its 50 eps, 2 movies, 3 video diaries and 1 special to go man! Hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  5. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    May 31, 2006 @ 6:29 pm

    Ah… no,I’m not watching CCS during exam time, that was playing GTA:SA :P.

    Yea, I have just about everything that is CCS anime, including the specials and the video diaries.I’ll be going through them.

  6. sakura miyasaki Said,

    June 9, 2006 @ 3:34 am

    hii bueno para comenzar soy la fan de sakura desde que salio la caricatura tengo desde la serie hasta los trajes incluso tengo a kero tengo todo sAkura me encantas eres lo mejo

  7. “not dotq, seriously” » Blog Archive » Kannazuki no Miko 13… er, Strawberry Panic 13 Said,

    June 29, 2006 @ 4:03 pm

    […] So basically, the story this episode goes like this. Amane asks Hikari on a date. Yaya encourages her to go, and helps her prepare. Kenjou tries to rape(s) Hikari. Yaya walks in and glares at Kenjou like Chikane glared at Izumi. Unfortunately for Yaya, she’s about as emo at this point as Chikane was around episode 8 of Kannazuki no Miko, and is thusly very easy for Kenjou to beat down. She crumbles when she hears the word love like Kuropon crumbles when he sees Sakura. […]

  8. narutolost Said,

    November 6, 2006 @ 9:57 am

    I just got into rewatching CCS too. I understand why I liked the series as a kid. Even now I like it so much that I might order the Japanese volumes. (I’m learning Japanese, so I’m not interested in reading them in English!) :P

  9. Dana-Sakura Said,

    December 8, 2006 @ 1:56 am

    hi my name is dana, i am fan number one of card captor sakura
    -.- ok………….. i love this ANIME

  10. sakura fan Said,

    January 6, 2007 @ 3:22 am

    ccs is one of my favorite glad everyone likes it too..syaoran(did i spell his name correct?hehe) is so cute and sweet, right?

  11. jda sakura Said,

    March 15, 2007 @ 9:46 pm

    hi my name is jamie i love sakura so i all buy some sticker and posters of CCS then i put it at my room so my mother is angry when i buy some sticker because i almost spent all of my money because of this.

  12. soso Said,

    March 16, 2007 @ 1:40 am

    it’s my favourite anime…..I like sakura very very much

  13. amira cooper Said,

    May 5, 2007 @ 10:40 am

    Carc Captor Sakura ROCKS MY WORLD SO CUTE AND TOUCHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though Meilin is anoying ………. Sa-Ku-Ra Xb

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