Spring Season Second Impressions

The second week of the spring season and this are my accumulated thoughts for the week. All contents are referring to the episodes aired this week, unless stated otherwise.

**Sukuran Nigakki**

Yeah…. survival game for the win. I’ve been totally waiting for this part of the story to get animated after reading it in the manga and I have to say I’m quite happy with the transition. Well, actually, it did seem to lack a bit of tension in the anime compared to the manga, but then, I think it’s mostly because of the format the manga was in (short chapters and all). My ears are getting to like the new OP and ED songs too. Hope this pace keeps up for the whole show :).

**Strawberry Panic!**

I went, “Damn!” , “OMG?!!”, “Wah lau eh!” the whole episode. Damn, and I thought Shizuru was already dangerous enough, but Shizuna really takes the cake from Shizuru in the “hitting on girls” department. At least Shizuru was loyal to Natsuki alone, while Shizuna seems to be hitting on almost every damn girl with a unique hair colour. Speaking of that, I find it quite funny in the crowd scenes that all the girls have like normal-ish, black/brown hair, while the main characters have red/blue/white hair. For some reason, the contrasting colours are actually quite distracting. But in all actuality, I might be dropping Strawberry, as I can’t really stand the overt *yuri* tones being exhibited in this show, which seems to be the only thing this show offers. I’ll give it a few more impressions before deciding.

**Ouran High School Host Club**

Not really as impactful as the first episode, but still a nice one. Haruhi is fitting into her new role as one of the host club’s members and the gist of this episode is the host club trying to pair up one of their customers with her love because the Host Club apparently exists for women’s happiness. Inevitably, Haruhi ends up in the mess, and actually has her first kiss accidentally given to the customer, no thanks to Suou himself, who wants it for himself, XD. Definitely keeping up with this show.


After reading around, it seems that Disgaea’s not having much of a positive review, like mine did. Perhaps the conversion from game to anime is pretty much botched as usual, but I haven’t played the game, so I don’t really care. Well, first off, I have to say that Fionne’s setting off my moé meter off the scale in this episode. As perverted as it may sound, I seem to have a intense attraction to damsels in distress, and unarguably, Fionne’s situation is that. Add that in with her usual cuteness and……

Etna, however, was not what I had expected. I was expecting some *tsunderekko*-ness with her and Laharl but it seems not to be. Anyways, her character design is still very good. Fionne and Etna really embody the angel and demon looks to a new level of moé-ness :).


Loli *inumimikko’s* and kittens make a very,very good combination.

Second episode of Utamono is quite nice. Ururu and Aruru is very cute and *inumimikko’s* are on their way to become one of my fetishes. Other than that, quite a normal episode, with nothing much to say about.

**Hime-sama Goyoujin** (1st episode)

One thing to say about this show….. LOL??…

Downloaded on an impulse and also because that someone said it was the spritual successor of Rozen Maiden. I have to say, that it *is* quite unique and Nana is cute, but it’s not my type of show, so I’ll probably drop this. The art is pretty though, and the *seiyuu’s* are quite good. And yes, in what language is Nana talking in?!!

**Aa! Megami-sama ~sorezore no tsubasa~**

The second episode doesn’t disappoint, and being a Noto fan, I’m glad to see a Sayoko-centered episode this time. Story-wise, this episode is from the manga, where Bell makes a *tezukuri* sweater for Keiichi, which gets in to Sayoko’s hands instead. The major change I can spot is that they’re setting this up together with the Christmas chapter, where Keiichi works his ass off to get a ring for Belldandy.

But overall, my opinion for this episode can be summed up with what Evangeline says to Setsuna during their fight in the Martial Arts Tournament arc. Ahh…. when is Peorth, Hild and Sigil coming out :).


Second episode and it’s a build-up one, where what the Witchblade is explained (the usual, super-powered weapon with world-domination powers). Apparently, all the wielders of the Witchblade have all been women (what a sexist weapon :P) and only certain people are chosen by it to use it, which is seems our lucky(or unlucky) heroine is the latest owner, owing to the mysterious circumstances surrounding her when she survived six years ago.

For a Gonzo production, it still hasn’t been given the usual treatment, so I’ll sit along with it for a few more impressions. Besides, watching Noto-sama voice this type of roles is fun, and Rihoko-chan is pretty cute, so what’s the harm? Though I must ask, why is Gonzo so interested in pairing up middle-aged reporters/photographers with kids and not to mention, is Noto-sama’s characters chest “assets” growing everytime she appears?


First off…. art is steadily declining. The stick arms and legs are definitely something that only CLAMP themselves can pull off, and the transition of that style from manga to anime seems to not really work well. Aside from that, the story seems to be changed quite a bit, and Yuuko definitely doesn’t have the charisma that she has in the manga. In fact, her acting seems forced, in a way. The chemistry with her and Watanuki isn’t there….some how.

Back to the story, it does seem they’re toning the mystical and shock elements a notch down, with someone who was supposed to die, didn’t. I do wonder how are they going to do the other stories. In anyways, the next episode is the Kokkuri-san one, where we get to see Doumeki and Watanuki bonding. Talking about that, isn’t their appearance in the anime a bit too fast?


Damn… I’m actually tempted to continue this, no thanks to Rie Tanaka’s voicing of Simca, which sounds like a evil Lacus (not to mention the same pink coloured hair). On other aspects, the setting introduction seems to be quite screwed up, not to mention the pacing as well, with the story events being messed up quite a lot :P. There were a few times I actually almost fell asleep watching this… but damn… isn’t Rie Tanaka’s voice hawt or what? Might continue until it turns lame or I finally fall asleep watching this.


  1. jason Said,

    April 17, 2006 @ 3:02 pm

    >> but I haven’t played the game

    You _need_ to play the game. Or else the prinnies will get ya.

    >> which sounds like a evil Lacus

    Lacus is already evil. ^^

  2. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    April 17, 2006 @ 4:38 pm

    Haha, jason, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to play that game, or any other game at that. One thing I really lack in is in the gaming department, owing to my parents tought stand on not spending money in games, especially consoles. I grew up totally not knowing Gameboys, PS’es and X-Boxes :P.

    Yeah, Lacus is evil,. yep, she’s evil. Lacus = Simca.

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