Tokko 01

Hmm… how do I start here….. well, Tokko is Tooru Fujisawa-sensei’s newest work after the influential GTO, and being a fan of him, I just had to check this out.

Seems like Tokko has nicely survived the transition from manga to anime though, based on what little I remember reading a long time but I have to reread the manga again to make sure. But as far as I’m concerned, they’re aren’t cutting down on the blood, gore and fanservice from the manga :).

The *seiyuu* list is pretty impressive already, with Fumiko Orikasa as the lead heroine, as well as Ueda Kana and Kenichi Suzumura in it. Their voicing is pretty much enough reason to watch.

On the side of art and animation, Fujisawa-sensei’s art style is evident here and the animation is pretty much OK, without much to complain about from me, but then, my standards seems to be have gotten lower recently :P. The little katana-swinging scenes in this episode shows much promise for being good. Definitely following on this series.

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