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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

As an anime blogger, I feel that it’s my honourable duty to spread the awesomeness that is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. No other anime has made me feel this kind of fear, not even Jigoku Shoujo. Surely, the top three “Made of Pure Win” shows this season would undoubtably be **Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu**, **Ouran High School Host Club** and none other than **Higurashi no Naku Koro ni**.

Undoubtably, the best types of horror would be in situations that are supposed to be peaceful and normal, somthing like a child’s toy or cries, or in the case of anime, the setting of a normal harem-esque story revolving on one guy (preferbly wimpy) that somehow attracts the best specimens of the female kind around him. Now, take this setting and have all the girls being murderers, while the guy is about to discover their dirty little secret and has to fight for his survival. Both surreal and horrifying at the same time.

So, continuing on from last week, what we thought would degenerate in to a slash-fest, fizzles out and the whole cast instead go for a festival, where Kira… oops, I meant Keiichi (am I the only one who thinks of Kira whenever he speaks?) discovers about a serial murder case in the town he’s living in, apparently conneted to a dam construction project that was stopped long time ago, in which every year, on a particular day, someone would be murdered, from the cameraman that appeared last week.

After receiving the unsettling news, the next day, he’s sought out by an inspector, who reveals that Mr. Camera Guy was the latest victim. Hearing about that and adding up all the hints he’s had, he has a conversation with Mr. Inspector over the phone, which unfortunately got overheard by one of the girls.

Admiteddly, my sucky and lame summary doesn’t do it justice. Really, watch this show. The OP by **Eiko Shimamiya** from **I’ve Sound** is already worth the download.


  1. Tess Said,

    April 13, 2006 @ 4:55 am

    I can’t agree more with your top three list of shows this season.

    Regarding your point on a peaceful situation being the best way to show horror, I think the somewhat cute and simple animation helps too. It has been bothering me how people have been complaining it’s not appropriate for the type of series this looks to be, but I think it’s perfect.

    Can’t wait for the rest of this series already~

  2. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    April 13, 2006 @ 11:15 am

    Yeah, I left that point out as well…. blame my lack of blogging recently. I need to regain my blogging skillz…. I was rereading this post and I found a lot of stupid mistakes…. _|-|0”’….

  3. GeminiGeek Said,

    April 13, 2006 @ 7:05 pm

    seems interesting… but doesn’t seem to see any group doing the sub… aaah… i should learn japanese O_o

  4. Eleutheria Said,

    April 16, 2006 @ 2:55 am

    Watching this ep made me want to buy the original sound novels more, although the 22 dollar shipping fee for both of them is giving me pause.

    The Rena going batshit (or perhaps crowshit) insane scene was stunning.

  5. sadakups Said,

    November 8, 2006 @ 1:41 pm

    I actually started watching this because someone recommended me and said that this is a harem series. I saw the pics of the cute girls, and agreed, without knowing that the show is a “deranged harem series”, i.e., loli-psychos out to kill one guy (with respect to the first arc).

    Hey, not bad. :)

    Now I want to whack that guy’s head with Satoshi’s baseball bat. Harem my ass.

  6. sagematt Said,

    November 9, 2006 @ 1:04 am

    >> Now I want to whack that guy’s head with Satoshi’s baseball bat. Harem my ass.

    Higurashi’s harem is in my head. Just where it needs to be.

  7. TuX Said,

    December 6, 2006 @ 1:55 am

    Hey, thanks for the information.after i read it, i start the watch.I like it :D

  8. MM Said,

    April 21, 2007 @ 10:02 pm


    I’m so confused.

  9. Rosie Said,

    April 30, 2007 @ 9:01 pm

    I’m a Japanese and I’m Otaku(means Anime Fan)
    I’m so happy Because Jupanese Culture is liked around the world(^_^)
    2nd series of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni will begin in July 2007 in Japan.
    I’m looking forward to it.
    And you can watch 1st series of Higurashi on my blog.
    m(_ _)m

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