Spring Season First Impressions

Well, I’ve been through quite a number of the new Spring Season shows, and I must say… there’s really quite a number there :P. Some have really made my day, while others had me holding in my disgust. Anyways, it’s been a while since I’ve had such a long post, so continue on to read my views and opinions about the new shows.

I apologise if I seem to be reusing words a lot… this post was about one week in the making. So far I don’t think I’ll be able to blog most of the shows episode by episode (both due to academic and personal reasons), but if I do blog something, it’ll mean that it’s really interesting :).

Suzumiya Haruhi

Pretty weird and unique way to kick start off an anime, with a *really* amateur movie made by a bunch of high school students. The animation looks good and the art pretty though, so quite promising.

Strawberry Panic!

First off…. damn you jason…. I kept thinking of the “Lesbian Sexual Tension Meter” throughtout the show. Anyways, seems to be straight on *yuri*, with the setting in a convent-style school in the middle of a forest and on top of a mountain. The OP & ED are pretty good, makes me want to get them now.


Damn…. this show really makes me hawt for the inumimikko’s. They’ve never looked hotter. I’m already in love with Eruru-chan :P. Apart from that, the setting is pretty attractive to me ( I profess, I have a predilection with fairytale settings) , the animation fluid and the art pretty nice looking, so I’ll be following this series with earnest.


Good CG, animation and art…. but I can barely understand half the show, which seems to be selling the idea that *yuri* power is the most powerful force in the world. The characters aren’t that compelling yet, but the music and Noto-sama is probably going to keep me in this one. It’s just the first episode anyways.


I’ve followed the manga for a while now, so I’m happy to hear of an anime adaptation of this series, but I didn’t really get my hopes up, considering the track record of Oh! Great-sensei’s manganime adaptations. The first episode of Airgear seems to be quite hopeful, even with the deviations of it towards the story (expected anyways). I just hope that it doesn’t degenerate to an excuse for having fanservice. The OP and ED sucks a lot actually, sounding really uninspired…. even Bomb A Head! was much better :P.

Higurashi no Naka Koro ni

First off.. the OP sequence is freakingly good, probably the best I’ve seen this season. I’ve goodness wins :). Then on to the show, which starts off with normal harem fodder, with the *osananajimi*, *tsunderekko*, *bokukko*, and the silent type. But it seems to then go into a murder mystery case, with the girls starting to look cutely scary. Much potential, much potential. I’m pretty hooked on right now :P.


Undoubtably the most awaited new show this season, Disgaea doesn’t disappoint on its first outing. The art and animation is splendid, on par with the promotional video released earlier. Fionne is proving to be very very cute, without being annoying, too bad Etna doesn’t come out this episode :P. The only bone I have to pick with it is the lacklustre OP and ED songs, which sounds really boring, IMO. Definitely continuing.

Ohran High School Host Club

Well, the suggestive title might make people think that it’s yaoi, but despite that, I presevered and watched this, no thanks to postive things I’ve heard about it, and I’m glad I did. Thankfully, it’s not full *yaoi* , rather merely small hints of it. Anyways, the first thing I thought when I saw the OP sequence was “CLAMP” but on further checking, it’s not. Still, the Studio BONES touch is very well there, as all the characters are likable and play their roles fantastically, typical of BONES’s works. I am hooked on this show already and looking forward to it :). Also, I’m finding myself getting more and more attracted to androgynous characters :P.

ARIA The Natural

The 2nd season of the highly lauded ARIA series (which you’ll either hate it or love it), and the first episode is OK, but somewhat, I feel it has lost a little of the charm that ARIA has, as this episode was a bit too …”strange” for me. Anyways, it is good to see the cast of ARIA back. I was quite anticipating the OP and ED songs and Yui Makino with Round Table doesn’t disappoint.


A bloody fu*king waste of Yui Horie’s voice, with all that useless fanservice and inane plot. Stoppped halfway through this. Is Yui Horie that desperate for jobs? Shows like this almost makes me wish there was Mai Otome instead…….


I had totally no idea on what to expect from this show, with the only thing I know about it is that Noto-sama’s in it, which means I must watch it. From the OP sequence the appearance of Gonzo’s name actually had me worried, but the show itself is actually quite nice, especially in seeing Noto-sama voicing something other than rarely-talking/meganekko characters. The story seems promising, with the mother separated from daughter angle and the Witchblade thingy as well. Could potentially become very nice, if Gonzo doesn’t pull off their usual habits with this < .< **xxxHoLiC** Another anticipated show for this season, the first episode does not disappoint. There are quite some noticable changes to the story, but still keeps within the spirit of the story. The art style follows CLAMP's perfectly, and some might take time to getting used to it. Animation is good and the VA's are playing their roles right. Will be watching this. **Aa! Megami-sama ~sorezore no tsubasa~** First off, the OP is one of the best this season, on par with Higurashi's one. I'm also liking the colour palette that the production team is using for this episode, with the soft colors all round, very pleasing to the eye and more fitting in theme with the show. Bell-chan also gets a lot of new outfits which are very good. I hope they'll vary her wardrobe more this season, rather than with the limited ones that they had last season. The story is still as slow as Keiichi's wimpiness, but it's the trademark of the series, so well... I'm expecting good things thanks to the OP, featuring Peorth and Hild ;). **Black Lagoon** Impressive. Yes, very nice transition from manga to anime. First off, the *seiyuu* choice is very nice and none of the voices seem out of place. The action is nicely done too, leaving a very memorable first episode to me. I'm highly expecting nice things from this show, especially the infamous mad dog *meido*.


  1. tjhan Said,

    April 10, 2006 @ 12:38 am

    I have to agree that ARIA wasn’t as good as it was. Maybe it was the initial novelty that provided the first season with something special, but now that we have come to expect high standards from it, it invariably disappoints.

  2. Alex Said,

    April 10, 2006 @ 6:50 am

    The Ouran High School Host Club anime character designs were done by Takahashi Kumiko, who has done several CLAMP adaptations before.

    I wasn’t even thinking of checking out Utawarerumono before but now I might.

  3. Reiria Said,

    April 12, 2006 @ 6:59 pm

    I agree with most of your impressions listed, besides for Disgea. I really didn’t enjoy the first episode. It was insanely hard for me to keep my attention focused on the events on screen. The animation was disappointing to me–I don’t mean the style because I like the style… There were just some oddly pictured scenes that seemed like it was rushed…

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